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  1. I already have a system that allows me bulk send emails to my existing clients. The only thing I cannot include is a link to allow my clients to reset their password and I cannot find any related topic...
  2. I tried Presta Store manager and I did import my orders on it but it doesn't show on Prestashop Backoffice. I am trying to reach the Presta Store support through Live Chat but they are never connected... Do you know where they are based ? I need to see from when to when they are connected. Also have you already been importing orders on Presta Store and does it appear on the backoffice of Prestashop ?
  3. Will it make them reset passwords ? I need to send them a mail allowing them to directly reset their password
  4. Hi, to avoid having to modify the DB directly, do you think there is a way to send a link to my customers allowing them to directly change their password (by clicking on the link I would send) ? Or is it possible to make them set a new password when they login the first time ?
  5. Hi everyone, do you guys know if it is possible to invite all my customers in my database to retrieve their passwords ? I just imported my customers database and I did set a new password for them so I want them to set their own password
  6. Do you know if it is possible to send a retrieve password email to all my customers ?
  7. Hi every one, I just imported my database from my former system to Prestashop (and I am really happy about that). Because the passwords were encrypted, I had to set new random MD5 passwords for them. I have around 5000 existing clients and I would like to send them an email with a link that redirect them to a page where they can set a new password, do you think it is doable ? Or is it possible to ask them to set a new password the first time they log in on the new webpage ? Thank you for your help guys !!
  8. Bonjour la communauté, Je viens d'importer la base de données clients (environ 5000 clients) de mon ancien système vers Prestashop. J'ai assigné des mots de passe aléatoires à chacun de mes clients et je souhaiterais qu'il réinitialise leur mot de passe lors de leur première connexion. Cela est-il faisable ? Sinon est-il possible leur envoyer un email à chacun afin de les inviter à réinitialiser leur mot de passe (en cliquant sur un lien) ? Quelles seraient les démarches ? Merci pour votre précieuse aide
  9. I am commenting because I have the exact same problem. I didn't find a solution. Anyone can help ?
  10. Here is the "header" of my address.csv : Address ID;Alias*;Active (0/1);Customer e-mail*;Customer ID;Manufacturer;Supplier;Company;Lastname*;Firstname*;Address 1*;Address 2;Zipcode*;City*;Country*;State;Other (notes);Phone;Mobile Phone;VAT number;DNI I followed the template of Prestashop. I have to import 2 more csv files : addresses and orders. For the orders csv file, this is my question what should be the headers of the csv file ? Thank you buddy
  11. I successfully uploaded my contacts on Prestashop. I already have the client IDs link to the addresses and orders. I am looking for a way to import my orders in Prestashop. It seems that you are well aware of this subject @D. Tengler , can I do it with ftp ? I also have this issue when I try to import my addresses, do anyone know where it is from ?
  12. @D. Tengler that's a fantastic news, thank you so much ! I believe it is free only for few orders (it should be limited right ?) . I am preparing the .csv file, do you have a template of the columns I need to fill ? Thank so so so much for your answer and help ! @Maria Kvasnytska Thank you for this tutorial ! I am considering trying Prestashop, it will be really useful. Do you anyone know how is the order file presented ? (if I get it directly through ftp)
  13. Bonjour, Je rencontre le même problème, avez-vous trouvé une solution ? Merci d'avance la communauté
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