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    payed help

    nop, will be waiting for your feedback. Thanx again
  2. ABABA

    payed help

    @4you.software I really will appreciate any help because work of 6 Months is gone in one click!
  3. ABABA

    payed help

    I don't know what this forum for since one is not able to find any help!
  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yep I cleaned the cache but the problem still presitenes. I activated the Debug modus and get the attached bug. People sugest that the DB of 1.7.5 not simelar to that of 1.7.7 this means when updating the DB has been change. Frankly saiying, I do not know how to fix this. see the attachment.
  5. I SEE, and of course the DB thanks for the answer by the way
  6. ABABA

    payed help

    Hi 4you thanks for your answer, is there any advice for how to redo the backup as I am not able to access the Back office @joseantgv I sent you the ftp credentials with the hope I find the solution
  7. Hello there, I'm not sure whether my inquiry is allowed here, if not please delete it. I need someone to help with buttom issue because I'm not able t access my BackOffice anymore and a lot of job spent out there. I'm ready to pay for someone who solves this issue.
  8. Hi Guys, I want to do a new installation for my Prestashop, I made the backup of the shop. The question is, after the new PS installation, how to import the old DB and whether all configurations (e.g. theme, text, images, etc.) of my online shop will be restored. rgrds,
  9. Hallo Leute Ich will neuInstallation für mein Prestashop machen, ich habe DIE des Shops Backup gemacht. Die Frage ist, nach der neuen Installation PS wie man die alte DB importiert und ob alle Konfigurationen ( z.B Theme, Text, Bilder usw.) meines Online Shop wiederhergestellte würde LG
  10. but the problem here has to do with prestashop backoffice, how to access the control panel since the Backoffice is blank?
  11. das cache Verzeichnis wurde geändert aber leider geht nicht
  12. Hallo JBW, vielen Dank für deine Antwort. Siehe bitte Anhang. Ist das was du meinst? Ich hofe, dass ich Helfe bei dir finde ansonst bin ich geliefert
  13. Hallo miteinander Ich wünschte, ich könnte eine Lösung für mein großes Problem bei euch finden. Ich habe ein Backup für die Datenbank meines Shops durchgeführt und dann den Prestashop von 1.7.6 auf 1.7.7 aktualisiert Ausnahmsweise habe ich eine Reihe von Produkten gelöscht und wollte ein Rollback für die DB durchführen. Bis zu diesem Punkt lief alles reibungslos, das Update, das Rollback usw. Leider konnte ich nicht auf mein Backoffice zugreifen! Es landet einfach auf einer leeren Seite "siehe Anhang". Kann jemand helfen, das Backoffice wieder zu bekommen? als viel Arbeit sepent da draußen.
  14. Hello everyone, I wish I could find a solution for my big problem. I conducted a backup for the database of my shop then updated the Prestashop from 1.7.6 to 1.7.7 Exedentely, I deleted a number of product and wanted to make rollback for the DB. Teill this point everything went smoothely, the update, the Rollback ect. Unfortunately, I couldn't access to my Backoffice any mort! it just lands on a blank page "see the attachment". Can anyone help to get the backoffice again? as a lot of work sepent outthere.
  15. Hello everyone, I translated my stores Them from English to German language with German as the standard language with the setting as shown in the attached image. Unfortunately, the currency in the filter shows strang up, with six nulls (see the attachment). Can anyone help,....please
  16. Hi guys, I installed Prestashop Metrics along with goolge analytics module and provided the Google Analytics Tracking ID as required. Unfortunately, google analytics does not work and won't show any data! I tried to set up various account with various Tracking ID's for nothing. Doese any one encountring this problem? and what is the solution for it? rgrds,
  17. Hi guys, many thanks for everyone responced to this thread. The problem solved as I only disabled and enabled the product Comments again like joseantgv said! Amazingly, the bug or error disappears. However, thanks again for everyone.
  18. Hello everyone, @musicmaster, @joseantgv many thanks for your reply. I only found this bug and don't know whether it has to do with this problem or not. could you please advice what to do?
  19. Hello everyone, I tried to add a combination for one product with different prices (100 ml and 50 ml) for different price. Unfortunately, the drop down list shows up without changing the price! can someone help to fix this issue as I'm I'm a newbie to Prestashop All in all, how to post the same product with various colors or sizes with various prices? see the attachment thanks in advance
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