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  1. Amazing, Customer had to pay using credit card via viva wallet payment module. He's from Lithuania, so that may be the main reason. Let me please know if you manage to solve this. We keep investigating, Good luck!!
  2. Hello everybody, a customer of mine is trying to pay using paypal. I think he's from Russia or nearby, do anyone know if this may cause any issue? I attach screencap of this strange error that seems to be happening only to him.
  3. No chance to do it from prestashop? It should not be too difficult to set an auto-email timer for the moment people purchases. Just a thought though.
  4. It has been solved. For anyone who can read this with the same problem. The issue seemed to had to do with the faceted search from prestashop and a custom module i had done as a age restriction panel in the home, right before entering the site.
  5. Rafaela, tienes que buscar o crear otra entrada para preguntar eso. En este "hilo" estamos con un tema diferente. Debes ir arriba a la derecha y darle a "+crear"
  6. That would be no problem!, where do i mark it as solved?
  7. Hey everyone, i'm constatly having this issue, seems like age checker may be the problem. I paste below the whole thing and description from my hosting tech support: "We are still encountering problems in the server. It looks like this error is being cast by the age verifier pop up of the website. (for the first time you come in) I will paste the whole code and message reply from server hosting staff for your experts to check. ------- "Good afternoon Adrian, the problem that needs to be solved is error 500, happens because of the lack of space in the HDD. This error is making great HDD usage with exponential growth. It's creating files exponentially and filling hard drive space." ####ERROR BELOW#### [Mon Jul 12 12:53:11.199474 2021] [fcgid:warn] [pid 15307] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Notice: Undefined index: url_name in ####ERROR ABOVE#### /home/manga/web/manga-r18.com/public_html/src/Core/Product/Search/Filter.php on line 100
  8. Any update on this? I'm also looking for auto email response from contact form in prestashop, nothing on the internet I could apply.
  9. Sounds great, Thanks so much for the help!
  10. Hey everyone, do you have idea if names are better in one way or another? Check samples: -> Kirin-Kakeru-Kouri-Gochisousama-wa-Kikoenai-26P-BW-B5 -> (Kirin-Kakeru,-Kouri)]-Gochisousama-wa-Kikoenai---26P-BW-B5 -> (KirinKakeruKouriGochisousamawaKikoenai26PBWB5 -> Kirin Kakeru Kouri Gochisousama wa Kikoenai 26P BW B5 Which one do you think is the best name for prestashop management/google SEO? THANK YOU!
  11. Well, it's quite annoying when printing the orders because they appear differently. It's not a big issue, but it's something that is not working as it should. Thanks for your efforts though.
  12. Now that you mention it, the button is not greyed out, it's grey. if you click it it works. I will replace that color for another. The sizes are in my orders page at the backoffice. Not in shop front.
  13. Chrome, mozilla and opera. Doesn't seem to be linked to any browser.
  14. Hey everyone, Censored them since my products are adult Japanese comics. - All pics appear in two different sizes whe checking orders in SELL>orders>orders. - All posted with the same original size. - All have been regenerated and keeps going this way when the sizes were changed. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance! Adrian.
  15. Re-building solved it!! THANKS SO MUCH!! And this is how i have the other config, wondering if it's the best or not, what do you say?
  16. 1- It's added in Shop parameters > Search > Indexing -> Add missing products to the index. 2- Added in Modules > ps_facetedsearch > Configure -> Check all. 3- Appears when looking the product using categories instead. FAILS to show on a regular store search. Any clues? Thanks so much everyone looking into it.
  17. Would be super nice to see the exported pdf file as example
  18. Yo ahora estoy teniendo otro problema. Los ads ya no salen, pero se ha duplicado e inhabilitado el carrusel
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