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  1. hello I managed to customize several elements with custom.css of the classic theme of the prestashop but the background color of the email and password fields that fill in automatically after having logged in first I can't change, I tried the steps as in the images, I did an inspection of element I tried to use some of the images' css but it didn't work, could you help me someone already made this change? If anyone can help me I would be very grateful . ­čÖĆ­čÖĆ Tried with the image code in custo.css and could not change the background color of the field I was not successful
  2. I have a web development agency and I am a beginner with Prestashop, I am working daily to learn the platform, backoffice, frontoffice, code and structure. I am already working on developing a module in which we want to submit for approval and put the sale on the Marketplace, I am already aware of all the rules regarding selling on the Prestashop Marketplace. I am interested in offering prestashop to customers who need e-commerce, what would be the best way technically for that? have 1 prestashop installed on an EC2 instance on AWS with Ubuntu Server and activate multi-store? or install a prestashop for each customer separately? How could I do it?
  3. Thanks a lot for the help. It's working. I will create a new topic if you can help me tks Gus
  4. hello, i'm a beginner in prestashop and i need some help, i would like to customize, colors, borders and the focus of the contact form fields, what is the best alternative? configure cunstom.css? what css code could i have to format these fields?
  5. I have installed prestashop I need to change the birth date format, I did it in the backoffice as shown in the image data_format_1.png but when I type the date in the Birthday date field in Portuguese Brazil it automatically returns to the format original yyyy-mm-dd when I click the button to finish the registration. Do I have to change the format in Mysql? how do I which DB table? Could someone help the date format I need is the Portuguese Brazil format dd / mm / yyyy and I would like to keep with the bars instead of the dashes. How do I have autocomplete in the field ie do the __ / __ / __ bars be added automatically?
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