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  1. Thanks. I just don't know whether it is a bug or I am doing something wrong...
  2. Hi there. I'm helping localize PrestaShop into Esperanto language, using Crowdin platform, and I've noticed there's a problem with the language codes: Crowdin is listing all files as "eo-UY", while PrestaShop is looking for files "eo-EO", thus not finding any if one tries to update the language or manually copy the files (without renaming them). Could this be a bug? Thanks.
  3. Hi there. I'm building a bilingual site, one of the languages being Esperanto. As my approval for working on Scribdo is still pending, I've started translating strings on my website. A problem arose when I tried to import a local localization package: I've copied, edited and renamed the xml file in the localization folder, but if I picked Esperanto now the system will display an error stating "Impossible to load nation 0". As Esperanto is just a language, not associated with a specific nation, how could I solve the problem? Should I set a random nation in the .xml file? Thanks.
  4. Hi there. I'm applying a percentage discount (33%) to specific products, IF at least 3 items are ordered. My problem is that the discount is not shown in the home page (or anywhere the product appears), nor the product is visible in the "price-drops" page. I've tried resetting the minimum number to 1, and in that case the discount is shown and the product is visible in the "price-drops" page. Same happens with fixed amount discounts, so it does not depend on discount type. I understand the logic about the price shown (although some info should be shown nonetheless), less the one behind the "price-drops" page (as the product is, in fact, discounted). Is it a bug? Or, if not, is there a way to force-showing those product? Thanks. ______ PrestaShop version:
  5. Hi, tenggoling. Have you set any minimum amount of items for your discount (e.g.: 33% discount for minimum 3 items)? If so, that could be the trigger: it seems the discount will be shown only if there's no minimum number of items required, try to choose 1 instead of 3 (as per my example) and you would have the discount shown. Hope this helps
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