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  1. Is it possible to make the CMS Page into full width view?
  2. 安装英文版过后再通过Localization下载语言。 管理员可以去自己Account的My Preferences更换语言。
  3. 我的产品有超过两百个组合。我用Mass Combination Editor模块来管理大量combination的图,用filter来过滤同样颜色,尺寸,然后再assign图片和价钱。
  4. I'm currently using this module and I'm having error during checkout when using Prepayment module. "We noticed an error with your order.... " Do you have this issue before?
  5. Hi Dryss, I'm interested to know more about this module. I'm setting up an online printing business and it will be using prepaid business model. Customer need to top up their account before making purchase. Therefore, I think this module may be good for me. PayPal is one of my payment gateway, and I would like to use it ONLY for Recharging prepaid account. So when customer want to place product order, can I ONLY OFFER paying using PREPAID account? I don't want to offer other payment options for buying products. At the same time, when recharging prepaid account, can I ONLY offer PayPal and my local payment gateway? I would like to try the demo site, but it is not available. So, I'm trying to get the answers here. Hope to hear from you soon.
  6. I've solved this issue using Customer File Upload developed by MyPresta.eu. Initially, I wasn't allowed to upload image higher than 8MB in Prestashop Customization Tab, even though I've updated the php.ini and max image size in the backend. After that, I tried Customer File Upload module and it works. I can now upload image file higher than 8MB.
  7. I'm also facing this problem. I have an online printing site where I need to collect high resolution image file (higher than 10MB) from customers. However, I can only upload image file less than 8MB currently. The website is hosted on iPage. I have updated the upload_max_filesize to 20MB in php.ini and Preference in the backend. However, when I try to upload a 10MB image file, the website shows me this error. According to iPage's technical support, it was due to script execution time. The script execution time is 120s. I have updated max_execution_time, but there is no effect. The technical support told me that "it is not possible to increase the script execution time as ours is a shared hosting environment." May I know is there any other solution? or which hosting do not has this limit?
  8. Hi thranga, I would like to have this on my canvas printing site too. Can you recommend me the developer? Thanks.
  9. I was trying to change the Bank Wire name with MODULES TRANSLATION and I got this message! "Warning, your hosting provider is using the suhosin patch for PHP, which limits the maximum number of fields to post in a form 1000 for suhosin.post.max_vars. 1000 for suhosin.request.max_vars. Please ask your hosting provider to increase the suhosin post and request limit to 4906 at least. or edit the translation file manually." So, can we do it manually to change the name?
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