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  1. I feel the administration should sticky this thread.. and by the way for those who are making the changes do take note by changing the code.. it just reduces the security of the admin login by not checking your ip address but will still require a cookie to login which is still quite safe
  2. I tried it myself and modify the code to and it works just fine.. if you are making changes to the code ensure you do not have any typo errors if not I think it will go blank.. or maybe you just need to refresh your browser and clear to cache to ensure you are looking at the latest changes to your website. Thanks Vodien for solving this problem, FINALLY A SOLUTION found! By the way vodien has great support would highly recommend
  3. that's great.. so now it's confirm there is issue on this and I guess it's major.. because if every user who create this shop will also face this problem.. and i do hope one of the developers is reading this
  4. the problem is confirm it's the ip address assigned by internet provider as I have tested it for 2 hours on two different internet connections and one of them keeps on logging me out.... I do hope the developers will read this thread and do something about it... and the strange part is that the customer login works fine.. it's only the admin login has this logging out problem due to the way internet provider assign the ip address to us.
  5. I have been surfing the entire forum and it seems the developers did not answer any of the problems on this issue. I tried everything from cookie changing to clearing smarty cache, clear cookies and I think I know what's the real problem I called my friend of mine and he mention it has to do with the internet provider you use and the way they design and assign the ip address to your computer that is causing this problem. So I tried to switch internet connection provider and surprisingly the log out problem disappear. However I think this is kind of stupid if I keep on changing to a slower internet connection that only works with prestashop admin login. I hope the developers are reading this and find a way to solve this issue by reducing the security features on the scripts and not tagged it based on ip address but based on cookie
  6. you are not alone.. I am also facing this problem and it seems the developers are not taking this problem seriously... and I can see tons of people having this problem
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