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  1. Thanks! I checked more carefully and I think both variants work.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I deleted the memory and used two different browsers (chrome and edge). Should the code be put on line 6? For me, everything in row 6 is "* /", or should it be put in row 7, where do we have "normalize.css ..." at the end?
  3. Hello! What caused this error? It suddenly appeared to me and I have no explanation. It doesn't work for me, on presta version I put it at the beginning and at the end and in the theme of default css but also in the customized one, in both at once I didn't try. Any other ideas? Thank you!
  4. Hello community! I want to move an online store built in prestashop on a subdomain, nothing else changes. I want to keep another site content on the main domain, not to remain empty. How should I proceed to successfully move the site and what problems should I expect? What impact would this have on SEO? Can this impact be corrected? I mention that we have very few links on other platforms / sites. Have you ever successfully moved a store into a subdomain? I look forward to hearing from you 👁️‍🗨️. Thank you in advance!
  5. Yes, that's right, with UA it works, I tried too. Thank you!
  6. Hi! I installed the Google Analytics v4.1.0 module on prestashop 1.7.4 but it does not send data to GA. Is this module compatible with the prestashop version? I ask because I saw that people complain about all kinds of incompatibilities. I tried to configure it for a whole day, but I didn't solve anything. Set in am mode: "Enable customer ID tracking" to "yes" and "Canceled order states" to "canceled". What do I need to do to work? The account is "Google Analytics G4". In the wizard I receive the error "Invalid or missing web property ID" Have you encountered this behavior before?
  7. Hi! HA!*!*Y, Can I change the language of the messages/ or ad new language? Can I also change order_name with Id_order, would it affect the proper functioning of the module?
  8. No, from the html map, the map you index in the footer.
  9. Hi! Yes, from the internal presatshop map. I use a personalized theme, but it is mostly receptive to changes.
  10. Hi! How to safely remove suppliers from the map. I can't find a way to remove the providers from the html map. I use prestashop Can I change the link to the vendors page or have something like "page not found" displayed? How did you solve this thing through your stores? Should I not attach the site map generated by presatshop? I am waiting for your opinions.
  11. Hi! How are you? I also have a question about prestashop emails. When I edit an email from my theme and click "save and stay" it takes me to the unedited email probably of core. This is a bit inconvenient, because I have to set each time in BO what kind of email I edit. Is it a normal prestashop behavior, can something be done? I mention that the settings are updated, not deleted. But it always takes me out of the already edited emails, refreshes and displays the unmodified emails. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Bigfoot!
  12. How can I align the name of a product in the description in the center using external CSS? I currently use inline. Also, if I tag this product name, how do I not affect the style of all elements and sections that use the same tag? Is there a solution? Thank you!
  13. Hi! Can I set the presatshop to pause the product description between sentences / phrases automatically? That is, normally each description text in the BO (source code) is set manually and configured. Is there a faster way to do this? I have many products specific to a certain type of category, with extensive descriptions. Thank you!
  14. Hi! I'm new to the forum. I have a theme that uses h4 tags for the product. Does this negatively affect product indexing? Should I change it? Thank you
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