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  1. My host is currently Godaddy, who's post max size is 128 where I've set in Cpannel. I attempted to upload A virtual product of 103megs. Prestashop tells me it's bigger than the max set in preferences. When I go to change the Maximum size for a downloadable product, prestashop tells me that any number I put in the field is larger than the max set by the server. That's not the case because it wont even accept 1meg. Please help, I just want to be done with this project.
  2. Right. Even though my SSL is active, I get a warning from the web browser it's unsecured. the entire site has HTTPS except the download section
  3. Hi. I'm selling a virtual product from my shop, and the link in the email for the download is unsecured. How can i fix that? Thanks in advance
  4. what is the max size for a virtual product size? I change the max file upload size on the server to 1gig, and prestashop is still telling me the max file size exceeds the server max file size. the file is 647megs
  5. I'm trying to upload a .zip file as a downloadable product. when i click the save icon, the web browser spins for a while and then times out. is there to fix this?
  6. I really need some help on this one. Godaddy claims my SSL wont cover my prestashop because it's in a sub folder on the server (first time I've ever had this problem). What change can I make to which .htaccess file to fix this problem? thanks in advance!
  7. It's a new install, php version 7.4, and prestashop version
  8. Hi, I'm attempting to install I get three quarters of the way through, and I get a strange error. I attempted to upload a screen shot I took, but that didn't even work. I get this : Installing Prestashop 81% An error has occurrederror
  9. I was working on my cart, and suddenly got a server error 500. is anyone experiencing this problem? Front and back office doesn't work
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