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  1. Hello? Anyone? Since hosting is such a critical component to a healthy, functioning CMS website, I thought I'd get flooded with answers from people rolling their eyes at me for asking such an obvious question - something that's possibly outlined in numerous blog posts on Prestashop's site or been discussed here ad nausia.
  2. Any customer whose cart total exceeds a certain amount will have their user role upgraded so they can get different pricing. This is our simple solution to setting up resellers/agents. Buy in bulk once, and get wholesale pricing from then onwards. As an added benefit to them, we'd like to display these agents on our website so our customers can also buy directly from them instead of through our shop (buying from a local agent will save them a courier fee). Does anyone know of a directory module that will list these agents, display them on a Google Map and be searchable by location? The real problem will be that they must add their own details themselves so it probably requires some form of upgraded membership module as well to give them frontend account/profile management and custom information fields. (I can't edit all these agents and do it for them as Admin because we may have a few thousand to add over a few months.) Here's holding thumbs.
  3. I've just has a bad experience with a theme that hasn't survived Prestashop's update from to It was written by quite a prolific coder on Envato Market, however, it was included in my Elements subscription, so it might be one of his "throw-away" themes that doesn't get much love. Whatever the case, I am now scared to use more by him. Can I get recommendations of theme creators who write good code? Issues that I value are: Clean, quick loading code that won't slow down my whole site that's not buggy or rushed. Integrates well with other people's modules (Conforms to the right standards) Puts out updates to themes when they are needed Communicates with customers (Not necessarily full support, just a quick answer here or there) Provides good backend customisation tools so I don't have hand code the theme's CSS files to just change the colour of the buttons throughout the site. I know this seems like the requirements for all themes and what every coder claims to deliver, but reality based on personal experience is different. For now, the perfect theme is not necessarily the most beautiful one - it's the one that has the site running effortlessly and won't keep me up at night.
  4. Hi. I just want to give an update to my experience. I bought Creative Elements, and it's been a mixed bag. My initial installation was as follows: Prestashop Laberthemes "Emilio" theme Creative Elements page builder Using CE (Creative Elements) was very easy as it works exactly like Elementor in WordPress. I'm very happy. However...... Then it all went sour with one update. I updated to Prestashop and everything broke. Pages built in CE are no longer editable (the home page loads but is locked, and another page doesn't load at all in the builder) The home page loads, but the other page doesn't (Frontend to visitors) If I deactivate the CE module, then none of my pages load. (Obviously since it's not inerpreting the code for display) To be fair, I don't know if it's CE that is the problem when running on PS1.7.7.1, or if it's the theme because, the login page also doesn't load. I reinstalled the theme, but the problems persisted. I changed themes back to the default Classic theme. All my pages loaded again and they were editable in the backend by CE, so it actually seems like a theme issue. So while it seems to be a theme issue, it was CE that took the hit and appeared to be broken. I tried contacting CE, but because I was outside of my bundled few months free support, they wanted me to buy support to just ask them a few simple questions. No way around it - I had to submit a ticket and include my licence. There wasn't even a sales email address to try circumvent their ticketing system. Final thoughts on Creative Elements Pros: Easy to use. Powerful. Works as it claims. Cons: Seems to be vulnerable to poorly coded themes. The company's support SUCKS. I guess my next discussion question is going to be: "Who writes quality, reliable, fast themes that are well maintained?"
  5. Hi all. I keep hearing that Prestashop doesn't really have any uper limits for store size and number of customers & orders processed. It all comes down to the specs of the hosting server. How do I know what specs are needed. Is there a formula to use to figure out how much RAM and how many cores are needed for a busy Prestashop site? To help with the discussion, let's assume the site is consistantly processing 1 order per second. How many cores etc would be the minimum requirement to keep running without crashing or timeouts?
  6. Okay... everyone stop panicing. I've solved the problem. I downgraded the PHP version from 7.3 to 7.1 and it worked.
  7. The Xpert Blog that came with the them I've just purchased is giving me an Error 500 the moment I try to edit a blog post. I've seen a post elsewhere that says it has something to do with friendly URLs being on, but I can't turn them off due to some missing ID keywords Here's that error: Keyword "{id}" required for route "xipblog-archive-wid-module" (rule: "xipblog/category/{rewrite}.html") Keyword "{id}" required for route "xipblog-tag-wid-module" (rule: "xipblog/tag/{rewrite}.html") Keyword "{id}" required for route "xipblog-single-wid-module" (rule: "xipblog/post/{rewrite}.html") On top of this, when I try to configure the module, I get redirected to Xpert's website (xpert-idea.com), which is gone leaving only a spam page offering the domain for sale. Should I treat this as a bad joke and buy a new blog module, pursue this with the theme developer, or is there a simple fix I can apply? (I have a second installation that has a different theme running on a different server, but using the same blogging module. It's giving me the same error.)
  8. Hi all. I have a multistore running on a .COM domain (domain.com) and I want an United Kingdom version. It's easy to have a sub folder as a separate store (domain.com/uk/), but I'd rather have this second store using a local domain (domain.co.uk) instead. All the documentation I find is a description of the settings, no real explanation or tutorial on how to setup the domains, hosting etc. to allow it to work. Do I need to have a separate installation of Prestashop running on the UK domain that I add to my "master" store, or do I just have to point the domain's DNS records at the server my master store exists?
  9. I've also just run into this problem. Both the back end of Prestashop and Prestashop's online documentation still point to that missing file. This really needs to be updated so we don't spend days of searching to try find a solution. Thank you Milosz Myszczuk for putting that file out there for us.
  10. Thanks Mr Tengler. That's exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for. That's a busy shop and a level we hope to reach in a few years time. I was starting to wonder if anyone was using Prestashop on large sites, or if it was being used by small businesses only and all its scalability was pure theory. On a side note, since you're managing 14 domains, please can you guide me on how you've setup multiple domains. It's easy to add a second store as a folder (domain.com and domain.com/uk/) but adding a whole new domain seems to need some preparation. I've tried adding a domain in the settings, but it doesn't allow me to do it so I assume I'm not properly set up to allow for multidomains. Do I just point the DNS records at my multistore's server, or do I add the domain as an Addon in cPanel, or do I need a separate installation of prestashop for that domain and just add it to my multistore? So many options... not a clue where to start.
  11. Thanks. I must say, there isn't much info about using multistores. It all seems to be a re-hash of the Prestashop documentation on how to set it up... not much about the purpose, planning, benefits, short-falls etc of multistores. It's hard to make an informed descision.
  12. Is there perhaps a report or article on the pro's and cons of working with Multi-store? I've searched the forum but all I found are people experiencing problems with multi-store which doesn't fill me with confidence (But if there are 20 problem sites compared to 20,000 functioning sites, then a non-issue.)
  13. I'm tasked with taking a local site to a few other countries, so we will need separate sites so we can have different currencies, payment gateways, couriers, etc. (The usual stuff - nothing out of the ordinary here). My concern is based around volumes of transactions per hour. Let's assume we have 200 transactions per hour from 5 countries totaling 1000 transactions per hour. Is it better to have a totally separate installations of Prestashop, each with their own database, per country where each site manages 200 transactions per hour, or... Is it better to have a single installation with multistore active with a single shared database that processes all 1000 transactions? The multistore feature is really quite pleasant to use, but I'm worried that in a year's time, I'm going to wish I'd created separate sites with their own databases due to limited processing capacity. I guess the heart of my question is "how many transactions per hour can Prestashop reliably process before it struggles? (assuming the hosting is not a bottle neck. That it is top notch, well cached, part of the Cloudflare network with lots of RAM. Perhaps even a dedicated server.). I've seen tests that have tested the number of products that show the catalogue can reach 1 million products, but nothing about its processing efficiency. (Magento boasts about how many it can process as a reason why it's the most capable of them all, and I've experienced first hand where a WooCommerce site was struggling with just 25 logged in shoppers on shared hosting. As a result, this is a big concern in my life and don't want to get it wrong at this early stage.) I appreciate your feedback, experiences and opinions. Thanks.
  14. The page builders seem to need a theme to start you off. You then build pages within the style of the theme. CSS magician (and another CSS editor which I can't remember) seem to allow for editing all elements, including the header, but only their appearance, not their positions. This is why it's an editor, not a builder. I've just done a Google speedtest on a second Prestashop site. The default theme scored that amazing 94%. The moment I loaded a theme from one of the most popular developers out there, my score immediately crashed to 24%. (and this is from one of the most popular theme developers for Prestashop who has hundreds of themes to chose from and boasts about his loading speed and optimisations). I'm worried that adding a page builder to the mix will make this even worse. Can we get some insight and comments from Prestashop moderators, programmers or just long term users?
  15. I'm having a recurring problem that's not going away, and I think it's related to cookies. I've got a fresh, clean installation of PS without any 3rd party themes installed. When I work in the backend, sometimes when I click on a link down the left, I get redirected to the login screen as i"ve been forcibly logged out. I login again and sometimes I remain on the login screen, and sometimes I'm taken to the page I was previously on. Click the same link and this logout event happens again. However, If I clear my cache, login and click that link again, everything works fine. An hour or two later, I get the same loop happening again. (Not necessarily from clicking the same link. It seems quite random as to which link gets caught up in this login loop). I'm primarily using Chrome on Windows, but I've also had it happen once or twice in Firefox as well, so I don't think it's the browser.
  16. In the Prestashop market, I see there is a page builder "based on" Elementor by Webshop, AP Page Builder by Apollo Themes and CSS Magician. On Themeforest, there's also Visual Composer for Prestashop (and possibly more out there if I really search) Does anyone have any experience using them and can give recommendations on which is the best. I'd like to know the following: Can it edit headers and footers, or just page content? Does it generate clean code? Does it significantly impact page loading time and SEO speedtests? Is it easy to use and gets the job done well? I'm wandering if it's better to buy a pre-made theme, or buy a pagebuilder and customise the default theme. The reason why I ask is because I've been running theme's demo sites through Google's speedtest and all the themes I've tested have had terrible ranking (4% - 30% scores), while Prestashop's default theme scored a massive 94% which is mind-blowingly awesome. I'm worried that the themes are bloated and I'd be better off modifying the default theme with a capable pagebuilder. Any thoughts on this?
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