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  1. Your module kind of suits my needs. Can it be configured so that for Bots it is not displayed? The actual store (which is not PS) has this problem that Google bot cannot get over the popup? Thanks for your reply ... LE. I've seen the pop-up pro module ... Can it be configured so it is displayed once per visit, because I've seen that it has a re-display time.
  2. Hi there, I have to realize a shop which sells alcohol and tobacco and by law I am required to display a message (pop-up or something) in which the guest and user must confirm that they are over 18. The message should be something like: are you over 18 with yes or no. Problems: - This message should be displayed once per session - This pop-up not be displayed to google bots or similar So I need some help with this module/theme modification. Questions: - Is there any module that i can customize to do this? - Do you have any idea on how this should be realized? (the pop-up is required) If I posted this question in a wrong section I am sorry. Thanks,
  3. Buna ziua, Ma intereseaza sa fac un site de promotii gen fundeal, zumzi, etc. In acest scop am mai multe nelamuriri; postez in aceasta sectiune considerand ca aceste probleme tin de module si teme. 1) Un mod de a muta un produs automat dintr-o categorie in alta la expirarea perioadei in care acesta este disponibil, sau la inceperea perioadei de disponibilitate 2) Un mod de a afisa pe pagina produsului un timer cu cat mai este pana la expirare 3) Cum pot afisa pe homepage doar produsele dintr-o categorie (in numar de doua) 4) In momentul in care un utilizator se inregistreaza sa trebuiasca sa citeasca termenii si conditiile si sa bifeze casuta Va multumesc anticipat
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