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  1. You can check the one I'm working on here: www.glasswaredreams.com Test it out and let me know if that's kind of what you are looking for, if so I can spot you the files. The shop is not really live yet, so test away. -ic Thats perfect! any chance you could share the files? cheers
  2. I have solved the issue, thanks, excellent tool! Hosting server has been stopping file updates, so files were not uploading and replacing originals. Working now. Thank you!
  3. I have copied the files in directories as follows: \prestashop\authentication.php \prestashop\modules\blockmyaccount\blockmyaccount.php \prestashop\modules\blockmyaccount\blockmyaccount.tpl \prestashop\themes\prestashop\authentication.tpl I have attached a screen shot of what my login screen looks like, after replacing with new files.
  4. Sorry, i am running Version - 1.399s. After i have copied the files into their correct folders, i then add items to the cart, and proceed through the purchase process. At the point where it askes you to create an account, or login, there is no options to Proceed without an account. So, other then replacing the files from the ones in the PWA.rar file, is there another step that i must take? thanks
  5. Salut, J'ai copié les fichiers dans leur emplacement, mais i cant semblent obtenir de travailler.? Existe-t-il quelque chose me manque? Y at-il eu mise à jour? merci
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