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  1. here is a reference link for your reading: https://www.quikclicks.com.au/blog/woocommerce-vs-prestashop-which-one-wins-2018/#:~:text=PrestaShop is an open source,free to download and use.&text=The main difference between PrestaShop,create any number of products.
  2. Nothing is safe from hackers if you feel so then you are at mistake. Go to dark Web and see what is not possible. They always target which is in their interest. Don't think that prestashop is made by angels and WordPress by the humans.
  3. How much you are sure that prestashop addons are secure from hackers? Can you refer me any website built on prestashop which you feel it is secured and very much beautiful and user friendly. As I have never seen this. And don't be negative. I am not spaming the forum. I am not against prestashop I am expressing the difficulties which I am facing.
  4. How do i develop my website in prestashop like this: rubinab.com/wp as it is developed in woocommerce. This was made within few hours and I am very much disappointed in creating such an interactive and beautiful website in prestashop. compare the difference: rubinab.com (prestashop), rubinab.com/wp (woocommerce)
  5. Refer to my website rubinab.com, i am unable to find below banners / module in the admin section for making any changes: If anyone can help me out.
  6. KIndly refer to my website https://rubinab.com. When i submit the email address in the below form. it is not responding any result whether the email is already register or it is invalid etc. further i am unable to find the list of email ID subscribed for the newsletter.
  7. Hello Guys, i am currently getting below error while accessing my website: https://rubinab.com. any idea please
  8. Many thanks. Apologies again if I Hurt you.
  9. I am really sorry, i hurt you. actually i am very much tired in finding out the solution. checked each and every class, module, tpl files etc but unfortunately could not find it. Really sorry if i hurt.
  10. D. Tengler if you kindly suggest me the solution of this requirement
  11. Okay thanks. I will keep all the unnecessary modules and check the impact by enabling the required modules one by one. furthermore, kindly tell me how to remove "Checkout" option from the drop down menu
  12. Maintenance mode is turned off now. kindly check
  13. anyone please check and share your feedback
  14. Kindly refer below my website URL. Add to card button is not working in my entire website. kindly check and suggest me the solution: https://rubinab.com/en/ https://rubinab.com/en/men/1-1-hummingbird-printed-t-shirt.html#/1-size-s/8-color-white
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