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  1. Hello, I just installed the revolut module (downloaded from revolut) on Prestashop and it's not working: generated and entered API key, prestashop reports Settings updated. Apple Pay merchant on-boarded successfully: www.panacea3.gr Webhook Setup is successful. but when the black "Pay with Revolut" button is pressed on the checkout page the popup says "Payment failed. Something went wrong. Try again" Searched revolut help, nothing. Tried to chat with them, no one available for hours. So I thought maybe it's abandoned or something? Does anyone have it working? Thanks
  2. Prestashop here. Same problem. Here's how it happened: Everytime I logged in to Backoffice (1st page Dashboard) a log alert Internal Server Error was generated and I got the email about it. It happened everytime I refreshed the Dashboard page. So I figured out it must be the Prestashop Metrics module. So I went on and disabled it. By doing that I lost access to Backoffice (just get a blank page, no errors whenever I try to enter Backoffice). Then I enabled debug mode. Now I can access Backoffice but if I try to go to the server Logs it crashes with the OP error. Cleared caches, uninstalled Prestashop Metrics, disable all dashboard modules, regenerated .htaccess files. Problems persists. And I have no access to Backoffice if I disable debug mode. Now what??? Edit: maybe these help? CRITICAL 12:10:08phpUncaught Exception: Variable "severityMessage" does not exist. CRITICAL 12:10:08requestUncaught PHP Exception Twig\Error\RuntimeError: "Variable "severityMessage" does not exist." at /var/www/vhosts/panacea3.gr/httpdocs/eshop/src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/views/Admin/Common/Grid/Columns/Content/severity_level.html.twig line 47
  3. Hello, prestashop I have enabled b2b mode. I also know about Locations -> Countries -> (country) -> "Do you need a tax identification number?" toggle and I have turned it on for my country. But.. during registration (Company and) Identification Number are still optional? Makes sense since the country of the person registering is not yet known, but then a) what is the above mentioned toggle good for and b) is there a way to require (as in do not proceed without filling it in) the VAT Identification number during registration? Thanks
  4. PS: this problem exists since ages, found archived topics here more than 6 six years old (sorry for creating new post thought I was editing my previous message)
  5. Hi, Prestashop here, same problem. It seems it's not possible since a) the requirement for the VAT field is tied to the country b) you cannot have the same country tied to different shops with different options on each shop c) you cannot create the same country (even with different names) twice (in order to go around b)
  6. Found the culprit. I had followed instructions in this: to solve the google console problem. It actually did solve the google console errors. But it seems it had this side effect. As soon as I reverted the code my problem went away. Will now wait for the google errors and warnings again..
  7. Ok, it's not faceted search's fault per se. Even with faceted search module disabled, if you just use the "Sort by:" button (relevance, name, price, etc) the same thing happens! It looks like anything that changes the page on the fly (without reloading it), causes the problem. Driving me mad...
  8. Weird detail. After seeing the messed up layout, if one just.. reloads the page, the reloaded page is fine.. ­čśÁ Select more filters, problem. Reload page, problem gone.. Same behaviour on firefox, chrome, edge. Also on desktop or mobile. Tried clearing caches everywhere (browsers and shop), reseting/reinstalling the faceted search module, disabling other modules.. nothing helped so far.
  9. Hello, prestashop, classic theme. As soon as some filter is selected, the (filtered) products list appears in a single collumn and the "quick view" overlays go to the bottom of the page. I don't know when this started, it was fine before. Everything is fine before choosing anything (3rd photo). Any idea what might be wrong? (if anyone wants to check live it's panacea3.gr/eshop) Thanks
  10. Hello, I am having the EXACT same problem. Prestashop, Prestashop Checkout module 2.0.6 Tried prestashop support, just got the standard "talk to paypal" treatment. But I think it's the module's problem because everything is fine with my paypal merchant account. Hell, although the module reports this problem, my eshop can accept credit cards (through the prestashop checkout module!) but because the module thinks there's a problem, I am charged with standard paypal fees and not the advertised lower ones (which is why I installed the module in the first place!!!). In my third message to prestashop support, I asked how can the problem be that my paypal account has a limitation (as they say), when their own checkout module let's me accept credit cards (just doesn't charge me with their advertised fees)!?! No answer.. Would appreciate any help from prestashop (or other).. Thanks
  11. Hello, exact same problem here. When signing in, client gets a "Too many redirects, Try again" (this is the wording on Firefox, but I have tried Chrome and Edge, same problem) error. Then, I've experienced both of the following: a) no matter how many times you press the "Try again" button nothing new happens b) after pressing the "Try again button" (maybe more than once) you get to your account page But always, if you press the "Back" button of your browser, you land on the previous page but signed in. My setup: Prestashop, default theme. Shop parameters > General: SSL enable: YES, Enable SSL on all pages: YES Shop parameters > Traffic & SEO: Shop domain: www.panacea3.gr, SSL domain: www.panacea3.gr, Base URI: /eshop/ Any news on this?
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