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  1. It used to look like the first attached picture. Now the row of pictures before Popular Products heading are missing, and have been replaced by a broken image icon as shown in the second attached picture
  2. Hello, Pls I suddenly noticed that images added through custom modules stop being displayed on the front office. It only displays a little broken icon its place. I am using prestashop 1.7.5 I need help.Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I have a problem of my footer content duplicating itself, with everything appearing to be in place. It simply just has the same footer content below the original. How to I fix this? Pls see snapshot below. Thanks for assisting
  4. Hello, I am using prestashop 1.7.5 on xampp localhost and have a few challenges I need help with. Some pages on my back office aren't displaying well, and some forms have the select options all displayed outside as a list, making it impossible to select one. In such pages, the left column also appears skewed and unselectable. Pls see attached snapshot for details. You see the shopping_basket, orders, catalog and store all out of place. Secondly, I am trying to add a select option to the address form in the customer checkout page. I want to add a select category for state before city. I also want to covert the city field to select, instead of having customers type in the city. I checked the address.tpl and I don't quite understand how to go about it. Thanks for assisting.
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