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  1. I found the spot in my ps_shoppingcart.tpl file and since I'm a US only store, I just used: {number_format($cart.subtotals.products.amount,2)}
  2. I'm in the US ($) and I have decimals set to 2 in the BO, but if my total ends with a 0 ($15.90), it shows as $15.9. I can't find which TPL file that simple summary is included in. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Not sure if my variable needs to be changed or if it's just a setting I'm missing?
  3. I'm using 1.7.6 and getting the "No currency has been set for this module." message as well...did this issue ever get sorted?
  4. Finally found it... Global.js for my theme. $('.top-menu[data-depth="1"] li:has(ul)').parent().parent().parent().addClass('full');
  5. Rubber Ducky debugging I guess... If any of the categories have subcategories, then the multiple columns style is implemented which I assume adds the 'full'. I was hiding the subcategories using: .top-menu[data-depth="2"]{ display:none!important; } However, because the class is affected, I need to find which script is adding 'full' to the class. Tried to hardcode the ps_mainmenu.tpl but the 'full' is added afterwards somewhere.
  6. I have a top menu item that has a class of 'category full' which makes it a multiple column popover and a different font. My first two menu items are just 'category' and that's what I want the 3rd to be. If I change it via chrome tools, it looks good. So why is that 'full' being added to this menu item? the TPL has: <li class="{$node.type} So...where is node.type changed for the different menu items? Edit: I'm beginning to think it's my category tree has some issues. Trying to move subcategories, create new ones etc...it all seems to be very glitchy. Reading older posts suggest Regen Cat Tree module but I see nothing like that for 1.7? I like 1.7 but so much changed, it's very hard to find relevant information on fixing things...
  7. Set the product to standard, then select Combination product. Finally, go to the combinations tab and create the variants (all sizes have to be entered into the attributes) by checking each size available. I was really stressing so I kept pushing this task off but I finally feel comfortable with it all now.
  8. I'm struggling with the concept of adding new products to my catalog. If I have a product with 3 sizes (lets say a beauty cream with 8oz, 10oz and 12oz). They each have a unique UPC and item ID in my brick and mortar store. How do I add those to my PrestaShop catalog? If I add as unique products then I can't drop-down to select different available sizes. However, if I just use attributes, then how does that work with UPC and ID? It seems every tutorial and book in the world on PrestaShop is geared toward clothing and combinations. I could sure use some insight...
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