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  1. Hey folks! Thanks for this thread. I was pretty lucky and got it on my first guess but in my case the problem was that I had an apostrophe in the password --> ' I guess (maybe) the backend code of prestashop does not accept this character? Perhaps it refers to a 'string'. It would be good to file this as a bug and make this character acceptable since I use automatic password creation tools like Keepass to create passwords and apostrophe is always there... Hope this helps!
  2. thanks for the feedback Nickz but I think I accidentally hijacked this thread, haha. I've started a fresh one on my topic here so that the original poster can get his /her answer on the 1.6 PS issue.
  3. Hi there, not sure if i'm posting in the correct forum category. It's my first fresh post. Feel free to mod it where it needs to go if not... I bought a PS theme (conifer, very nice by codezeel btw) but the search field requires you to a) click it then b) click somewhere else before the string 'ie. search our catalogue' displays in the search field. I checked and confirmed that this bug is not present in the main PS distribution so it's a 'design choice' or a 'bug' (you choose, ha) My question is this: how would I over-ride this theme and the way that this element functions? I have a little CSS, html and a tiny bit of JS background but definitely i'm not a 'developer'. I assume I would do something like this: * inspect element to location the class name of the theme's search bar * find the CSS that makes it do the thing I don't like * edit / correct? If I could get a little direction on this that would be great by the way loving prestashop... getting deeper each day! Thanks to all the devs.
  4. I think this blog post should help you. I just changed mine. However, now I want to display the text ('ie 'search' ) permanently without having to click it. I think my theme is doing this... will start new topic on that probably.. hope that helps
  5. For the records I tried increasing memory limit to 512MB as per above and it didn't help. But... ...I think I got totally lucky on this one, haha. I have an ubuntu 20.04 LAMP setup and after looking at all the php extensions. I found this page and if you look at the bottom it shows this: extension = php_mysql.dll extension = php_gd2.dll allow_url_fopen = On allow_url_include = Off So, I did a sudo nano php.ini Then I scrolled down to the section that looks like this: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Dynamic Extensions ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and at the end of that list just before this section: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Module Settings ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I added this: extension = php_mysql.dll extension = php_gd2.dll Did a control X 'yes' and saved Went back in to Prestashop admin and now I have this: Required parameters: OK Optional parameters: OK Hope this helps.
  6. Same here. Would love to know the answer to this. I had done many entries in the pHP.ini file but I get this error as well...
  7. yeah good point. That was way harder than it should have been I still can't figure out how to get in. I'm still thinking we need a simple TG group to have quick back and forth and registrations, but that's what I've always used and I have no experience with slack. I know it's popular.
  8. Just for instant conversation and answers... I help a free software community and probably 75% of all communications happen real time and 'the rest' is in the forum for 'longer lasting records'. Having meaningful real-time conversations to me seems massively important. Note: Because of my experience this is also why I hesitated to create the group myself. It is important for the organization to have control of the account for many reasons...
  9. Good day. I am a new user and plan to really support the project and community over various businesses in the next year. I have done my research and PrestaShop appears to be the most free, the most supported, and the most flexible e-commerce platform. I searched in Telegram for a community group for PrestaShop but did not find one in English. There appears to be one for Arabic and Spanish only. Is it possible for PrestaShop (the organization) to create one? I think it's best you have control. I could create one but not ideal. I also noticed there is not a group for Prestashop in Matrix. There is one but I cannot join it. I think both of these platforms will help developers and users alike. Let me know if I can assist by creating a group in one both of these platforms or if PrestaShop would prefer. Thanks! Wayne
  10. I believe I did do some other modification because I didn't realize it was as simple as this, but this makes excellent sense. I'll try this out with your settings there to see how that works. Your response much appreciated and have a great day!
  11. Good day everyone. I'm brand new to PrestaShop and giving it my first serious test. The first thing I noticed is that when I'm logged in as Admin it kicks me out really quickly. I found this archived post https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/308913-admin-login-timeout/ so I expected to find a way to adjust this in the UI but it seems it's still not there. I assume this is a security feature so that the admin account is not exposed to the dangers of other users, or something like that, but there is zero danger in my environment and I would prefer at least an hour of login time before it kicks me. Is there any place to adjust this in the UI that I cannot find? Thanks very much
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