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  1. Hi My website is at www.braaibq.co.za When I add one attribute (in the case "keep it plain" set to no change in price, but as default choice with the option to "Customise" which increases the price). This works perfectly. WHen you choose the custom option in the drop down box, the price updates dynamically. As soon as I want to add another attribute drop down box, (in this case different sizes - the first one being no price change, the second choice in size increases the price) then the price does not dynamically update. Furthermore, I see this message in red: "This combination does not exist for this product. Please select another combination." I am using Prestashop Link to problematic product: https://www.braaibq.co.za/home/42-customised-rectangular-braai-grids.html Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone I seem to have an issue with the social share module for products that comes built in with prestashop. When I click on a product, then click on the facebook icon to share that product, it doesn't share the picture of the product or the product details, it shares the website and some other picture on there. I've looked at the config for the module and cant find any setting, and searched the forum for related issue but found none. I'm a noob so I apologise for this small glitch I can't seem to fix.
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