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  1. Could you direct me to the pages because I am not able to find any solution for this. Nor relevant topics to do this.
  2. So, we've been working with Prestashop for a while now, which seems to be going great. During one of our Staff meetings, we decided to change our company brand, to which it makes more sense for us. Afrer searching this forum a bit, I came across a topic in which changing the name and main URL for the webshop shouldnt be that hard. In the shop I went to: Shop settings, Traffic and SEO/ Scrolled down to: Select Shop URL. In the fields, Shop domain AND SSL domain, I changed the name from A to B. Reset the Shop cache and, shouldve been done ... But unfortunatly it's not this simple. After changing the URL, I was not able to return to my admin/backend. Through FTP, I put on DEBUG mode, and all of the sudden the backend is available again. The error I receive is Error 500. Als the button "Visit my Shop", when logged in to the backend/admin in Debug mode, redirects me to the old link. The question here is, how do I solve theses issues? The webshop already has several active customers, and mutliple items in it (including the man hours putting it in, it has been a lot of work). Please advise! If more info is needed, please also advice. I am at a loss!
  3. I know it's been a while since I posted this. But unfortunately there hasn't been a solution to this. nor can I find one on the rest of the forum. Since i've only got 1 department the "subject" field doesnt make any sense. So if you have any advice, please help! I know it has something to do with: <div class="form-group row"> <label class="col-md-3 form-control-label">{l s='Subject' d='Shop.Forms.Labels'}</label> <div class="col-md-6"> <select name="id_contact" class="form-control form-control-select"> {foreach from=$contact.contacts item=contact_elt} <option value="{$contact_elt.id_contact}">{$contact_elt.name}</option> {/foreach} </select> </div> </div> But simply removing this. Or hiding it will not do the trick. Somehow I need to convince the shop, the subject has already been chosen, without the need to select it.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. After some tweaks, Ive got it fully functional on 7.2. I misread the version number and availablity before hence I thought 7.4 was supported. My apolgies. It was not. If I update my Prestashop from to it now gives me some weird other errors (like the customer assurance module beeing duplicate all over my page). I will try and replicate this on my test site and will see If I am able to fix this. Again thank yoy for the advice! The thread may be closed by a mod.
  5. You are absolutly right. Ive changed 7.4.4 back to 7.3.16 This doesnt seem to fix some of the issues I encounter so as for now I've reverted to 7.0. I will create a test version on 7.3, re install presta on their and rebuild the shop properly on the latest version. Without changing PHP versions (I only did so, because the upgrade module told me to). But on 7.3, the backend is okay but the store it self seems to have some issues. Which I do not know how to solve other than reverting to older PHP. Thread may be closed, Ive got some stuff to fix first. Thanks again!
  6. So I updated my version of Prestashop from to With only the default theme activated and some minor changes to it. Now after the update, the buttons dropdown menus in the settings dont seem to be working anymore: This goes for all the dropdown menu's. What should I do? Revert? I used the 1-Click upgrade module to upgrade (provided by Prestashop) All prerequisists where green.
  7. I am making use of the default team. So not much changed only appearence .. Could you please tell me, as to where I should add this code? Because I would very much hide the obsolete bar. Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. I would very much like to remove the subject option from the contact form. Its always "klantenservice" -< customer service for me, so making a choice doesnt seem and feel logical. I would only want user to fill in their mail adress, an attachment and of course their actual message. Please advise.
  9. For this topic to be approved would very much be appreciated.
  10. So I've got the default theme for prestashop. I turned off both newsletter and social media icons. Yet, the block still remains visible on my shop. I even tried de-install both modules, as I am not going to use it. The empty "block", should not be visible because there is no information to show. But de-installing or just turning off the modules does not hide the block. How can I do this? Your advice would be very much appriciated. I am on version
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