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  1. I found another solution - here you can download stripe version v2.3.1 which doesn't have this issue. https://github.com/202-ecommerce/stripe_official/issues/71
  2. I had to change: table ps_configuration: PS_SHOP_DOMAIN, PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL table ps_shop_url: domain , domain_ssl And then go to the back office -> Advanced -> Performance and there click 'Clear cache' to remove all the smarty cached URLs.
  3. For future reference if anybody has the same problem - you can hide it without changing the theme, if you have your CSS somewhere (like in your module), you can override css for that particular unwanted class and hide it with putting display:none .clearfix.product-variants-item:nth-of-type(2){ display: none; }
  4. Thanks @egrzesiek, my error was also that some field of the language was not defined - changed it in the back office in Localization -> Languages and the error disappeared.
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