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  1. After installing last upgrade (for PS 1.6, probably module version 1.1.0) some items stopped being displayed in the menu. Installed previous version - everything is fine again. Must be some bug n the newest version.
  2. Just a quick question from a beginner user - what is the most "elegant" way to update to a new version? If I overwrite all files from new download, I get settings1.php over-written too? And then I need to update user/password info each time? Any smart suggestion? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Musicmaster, I just started using your scripts yesterday and I'm lovin it already! Great work! Question from new user - is there any way to mass update (change) Product Attribute for set of filtered products at once? What I want to do: I have Product Attribute - Wheight I filter one manufacture using ProdCombi , filter particular Wheight: 173-175; and I want to change 173-175 to another one, which is 173-174 (I have it in database as a separate Value) for all filtered combinations at once. It feels like your tools should allow this but I can't figure out how to do it! Thanks for help!
  4. Thanks, Zapalm, all explanations to the point! All what you say make sense! I believe I will buy the module! I'll be in touch! Darius
  5. Thanks, Zubito, for your reply! I feel that your module will do 99% for me. But I still want to clarify some details. This part - selection of Disk type and Capacity - can it work like a filter? And is it possible to allow to choose only existing combination? In your case DVD with 700 Mb is not existing, but still it's selected in the example (of course it in a way doesn't matter, as you can only buy it from the table with EXISTING choices). But maybe instead of these choices, we could have filters as in your demo? I only guess that your filters still allow to choose non-existing combination. Your demo don't have this situation, as all combinations have quantity >0. But what would we see in the table if Yellow M size (as selected in my example) would not exist? We would see no table? Let's say Yellow M - has quantity 0 (zero). Could you make it work like this - If I click Yellow - Size automatically "jumps" to existing Size (let's say L)? Does it make sense? Thanks, Darius
  6. Maybe a stupid idea - would pressing Reset the module do the same job as cron? And how did you create a cron job for it? (I'm total dummy here - no experience). Frankly I don't even know how to run cron jobs
  7. btw - question - does that module run only when somebody buys an item (i.e. it checks if this wasn't a default combination and it's not out of stock now)? Can it run on all products? i.e. if I have few products with default combination and amount =0, can it run thru all products once and change default combinations to existing ones? I feel like it's not doing it, as I found one product with combination being still default despite 0 items... Thnx, Darius
  8. Hi, zapalm, I might be interested to buy this module. What I want to achieve - I have products with colors and weights (2 attributes). My problem is that not all possible combinations exists (let's say we have 3 different colors and 2 possible weights - but some product has only 4 items available, i.e. 2 combinations are not available). I don;t want my Clients to see this message anymore: "This combination does not exist for this product. Please select another combination." Maybe I don't even need a list of combinations, but I'm tired of finding module, which would not allow to choose not-existing combination (it could strike thru or mark some attribute as not available). And I need it to work both ways - i.e. choosing a color 1st or choosing weight 1st. I believe your module doesn't solve this, does it? And in addition - we could have your table view also placed somewhere close - as an alternative way to choose desired combination Couple of questions: 1. Can we keep both selection options? i.e. if we install tables - will we still see orriginal attribute choise below the price? 2. Can we have tables close to this block? Under Add to cart? Or under Short description? 3. Can we enable it only for products with 2+ attributes? 4. How does your tables (list) look on mobile? From what I saw in demo - it's not very responsive, is it? Your answers could motive me to buy your module. Thanks, Darius
  9. Thanks, it seems like it's doing it's job. I only noticed strange message in back-end at Modules: Out Of Stock Combination Change: No currency has been set for this module. If I click it, I see this: [PrestaShopException] Method of module cannot be found at line 802 in file controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php 796. $echo = ''; 797. if ($key != 'update' && $key != 'checkAndUpdate') 798. { 799. // We check if method of module exists 800. if (!method_exists($module, $method)) 801. throw new PrestaShopException('Method of module cannot be found'); 802. 803. // Get the return value of current method 804. $echo = $module->{$method}(); 805. 806. // After a successful install of a single module that has a configuration method, to the configuration page AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcessCallback - [line 1045 - controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php] AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcess - [line 171 - classes/controller/Controller.php] ControllerCore->run - [line 373 - classes/Dispatcher.php] I don't experience any harm, just noted.. DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 54 - admin/index.php]
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