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  1. Hello everyone. I wold like to insert a top banner with some announcements, Some can help with this pleas. Thanks a lot
  2. Same error to the module manager in back office
  3. I deleted both, now where i find the created to be uploaded?
  4. Wich one i need to delete?
  5. can you send me the folder? where are the folder on the forum that i can take it?
  6. remote it is possible?
  7. I saw the file but now what is the next? Im so confused
  8. I have all of this in ionos. wich file i need to go and there what we need to do?
  9. I clicked Module manager and the page was error 505. and the i saw this page, i can not enter to the back office now. a lot of errors
  10. i dont know how do it . Help me please
  11. A lot of errors. How can i figure out of this. I need some help. Thanks
  12. Hola En el back office, intento abrir Module manager y me sale el error de la captura. Alguna solución??? gracias
  13. Hola, A ver si alguien me puede ayudar. Desearría añadir una nueva cabecera a la parte superior. gracias
  14. Hello. How can i connect https://easync.io to PrestaShop? Thanks
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