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  1. I just find that if i move the csv to another location and not the same as de php the problem is solved Yes, i was worry to read something like this...I will try to figure out why this!!!!:. Thanks a lot.
  2. Now is me with the problem [503] Service temporarily unavailable Anyone knows how to solve this error!!!!!
  3. Hi to all I need to get a list of not used attibutes, specifically color attributes. What i need is a list of NOT USED color atributes from my DB. i can get a list of attributes with the query from prestashop it self, but i dont know how to get only the attributes not used in my list. i need this cause a i have 564 different colors and it is really painfull trying to assing a color every single time. SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS b.*, a.* FROM `ps_attribute` a LEFT JOIN `ps_attribute_lang` b ON (b.`id_attribute` = a.`id_attribute` AND b.`id_lang` = 1) WHERE 1 AND a.`id_attribute_group` = 3 ORDER BY a.`position` ASC
  4. Hi Calleja, this is a tutorial fro cronjobs https://www.hostinger.com/tutorials/cron-job Any way you have to think that every hosting company have there "own way" to do this. In my for example the called server services and when i get in it is just a GUI to set the cron job. Regarding the setting some password is the same, your hosting company will help yoo for sure but is most be some kind of GUI to do that also. Hope this info help. Best regards!
  5. SOLVED: I just add : $product.manufacturer_name and the name. Hi, i would like to do the same as AndersHelbo, (from the top of the post) but only with one difference. What i need is show the badge only for a particular manufacter, in fact 3 different manufacters, I have different discounts for different products but i only need to add the badge to a 3 manufacters. https://www.tiendamotocenter.com/3000-cascos-de-moto For example AGV and GIVI HELMETS should show the badge. Is it possible
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