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  1. Καλημέρα στο Forum, Έχει ασχοληθεί κανείς με τα cookies του google analytics? Δηλαδή με κάποιο τόπο να περιμένουν τα cookies η το module μέχρι ο χρήστης να διαλέξει τι cookie θέλει και έπειτα να τρέχουν η όχι, αναλόγως με την απάντηση. Έχω στείλει και στο αγγλικό forum αλλά καμία τύχη.
  2. Hello there, As you know from cookies policy you need affirmative consent before turning on Google Analytics. Is there any way i can put the cookies or the module on hold and wait for the user to consept before they run? I am using prestashop and Google Analytics module v3.2.0 with Cookiebot.
  3. After 2 days of searching i found out that when i close friendly url it works without error. Somehow is messes with url, is there a way to find out what causes the error? Or disable friendly url just for the cart page url?
  4. Hello there, I have Prestashop, and the last 2 days i can't delete items from cart, before 2 days it was working correctly. I can see that it pops the error POST https://korespatchtool.com/newsite/en/cart?delete=1&id_product=60&id_product_attribute=0&token=b9e1024b3bce5765c74052d623aa039a 406 (Not Acceptable) My site is https://korespatchtool.com/newsite/ I tried searching for a solution but unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything, i even restored the site 5 days back which seems the problem not solved. Attached also an image of the error Any help would be appreciated
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