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  1. Hi Nicks Thank you so much for your comment! From the first moment I decided to develop my digital business, I tried to be prepared to apply the best possible techniques related to SEO performance. However, I could notice that the first and current theme I invested is not helping me in this regard, as the google metrics do not qualify my site well, despite all my efforts to improve the pages with the most searched keywords. Sorry for my ignorance, but is this feature good or bad? And why?
  2. Thank you very much for the recommendation! I'm really inclined to invest in this theme, as it was the one that attracted my interest the most so far, especially because of the mobile layout that looks very good.
  3. I'm a small business owner from the south of Brazil and just over 1 year ago I created my digital business to increase the reach of my women's fashion store that has existed for over 10 years working in the local commerce. I'm not an expert and I also don't have a professional degree in the area of technology and programming, so after a lot of study and extensive research, I opted for the Prestashop platform and developed the installation and configuration working on my own. The main reason that led me to choose Prestashop is the fact that it is "free", open source and the label of being an easy-to-use platform and wide possibilities with the use of modules that solve the specific needs of each user. However, unfortunately here in Brazil Prestashop has not yet managed to assert itself and popularize, and there are few specialized national agencies that develop modules, which makes us hostage to foreign agencies and developers, with investments usually made in US dollars. And this makes each improvement necessary a very high investment (compared to the other most popular platforms and which have greater local coverage) since the Brazilian currency is currently quite undervalued compared to the others (1US$ = R$5.6). So, any investment has to be done as correctly as possible! That said, considering that the time has come to improve my webshop, I intend to purchase a new theme that will be delivered to the store, in addition to an interesting layout, the best possible performance to get good SEO and usability results, especially on mobile which today represents more than 80% of my visitors, in addition to being highly demanded by google in terms of optimization. For all that, I come here to ask for the help and suggestion of this community on what is the best choice to be made currently between the 2 most popular themes and apparently the best rated ones on Themeforest, WAREHOUSE (iqit-commerce) or ALYSUM (promokit)? NOTE: I imagine that each one must have its positive and negative points, but considering that my store is exclusively for the sale of fashion products, operating only in the Brazilian market, in addition to the mentioned requirements that I would like to be fulfilled... If you can help in my choice, I will be very grateful! Best regards
  4. Hello! I received the following message that contains a threat to my site and although there is no indication of any real attack I would like help to understand if there are reasons to worry. My online store is new so my database is small, but I am concerned with the reputation and the issue of search engine indexing. Every help is welcome. Best regards!
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