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  1. So i've tried solutions like altering the specific price table in the database and changing the SELECT query in the SpecificPrice.php file but nothing seems to work the price is just the same.
  2. Yeah saved them correctly. Version is Tried That.
  3. This is the data sheet above it, it has the informations filled: And this is the DataSheetPro configuration:
  4. I have setup DataSheetPro with each and all the categories I want to be shown: But Product Page is looking like this instead of each one in it's own tab:
  5. I got this error when upgrading using 1 click auto upgrade: PrestashopInstallerException' not found LanguageList.php on line 100
  6. The hosting is pretty **** so i have to export the products with all it's details and stuff
  7. When i try logging in to prestashop 1.7 it just reloads the page and nothing happens. I tried clearing cache. Taking off the WWW. before link. Nothing happened, i need to export the products to upload to new website
  8. I keep getting this error when trying to upgrade to version 1.7 [INTERNAL] /home/qgswawxh/public_html/modules/autoupgrade/classes/ZipAction.php line 154 - ZipArchive::extractTo(/home/qgswawxh/public_html/admin2240khcfy/autoupgrade/latest/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/DomCrawler/Field/InputFormField.php): failed to open stream: Disk quota exceeded
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