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  1. I'm looking for a template that would work with javascript turned off. Do you have any tips for a good quality template? I have this as a request from my SEO specialist, due to the good response in google search engines. Thank you very much
  2. Can anyone please advise me how to get rid of fake customer login? Every day, 50 customers with names xyzwzwzw and the like log in to us. Alternatively, there is a free module for that. well thank you
  3. Hello, please, I upgraded my prestashop to a newer version via the 1 clik module and it threw me this error. Can anyone advise me what to do with it? well thank you
  4. Please, is there anyone here who could detect an error in the template? It loads us very slowly. It loads the classic default template quickly and as soon as we switch our template it goes slowly. The template vendor can't figure anything out, and we can't handle it. Would there be anyone here who can fix our problem? well thank you pingdom speed check: https://tools.pingdom.com/#5f32c23f8dc00000
  5. Hello, could someone please help me with the speed of the site and its optimization? Campaigns through web speed do not work well for us and we can't handle it ... On the next line the result of web speed- it's catastrophic ... https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.maxflor.sk/G6BWXktW/ The website is www.maxflor.sk Thank you very much
  6. Hello, please does anyone have a tip for a free module on PS 1.7 for integrating FB Pixel with ecommerce events on the web? well thank you
  7. Can you please give me a tip on image optimization? We have a lot of product photos - I also tried webP storage but it doesn't want the template to work with the given format. Thanks
  8. Hello, please I have a problem with loading the page - it takes approx. 13 seconds. Don't have any tips on how to speed up loading? We don't know how to do it - whether the modules do it or what ... In the following line speed test: https://tools.pingdom.com/#5ece63fcad000000 Thank you all for your advice, I am mainly a designer and not a programmer. But he manages my hosting one known so I would give him the job only he doesn't know what it could be. Thanks again for your willingness.
  9. Good day, please can anyone help me with setting up the 301 redirect module. I need to completely redirect the old site to the new one. It doesn't work for me and I don't know where the problem is. Module support does not respond to me ... Thank you in the attachment for my settings
  10. Zdravím, ďakujme za reakciu. Dal som poslednú zálohu a všetko už funguje- zrejme nejaká aktualizácia tam narobila šarapatu...
  11. Prosím, pomôžte, zrazu sa mi stalo, že sa registrovaní zákazníci nemôžu prihlásiť. Po vyplnení e-mailovej adresy a hesla sa pri vyhľadávaní všetko stratí a neprihlási sa k zákazníkovi. Neviem, čo s tým, prosím, pomôžte mi. Používam verziu od spoločnosti Prestashop. PHP- 5,6 Ďakujem mnohokrát
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