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  1. Grazie a tutti fino ad ora. Infatti sto contattando il supporto del plugin per sapere se è possibile rifare il cronjob che prende le immagini mancanti o "saltare" se non ci sono. Appena so qualcosa vi aggiorno. Comunque esisterebbe un modulo o un metodo (funzioni prestashop o utilizzando .htaccess) per risolvere il problema? senza grossi problemi o sviluppi.
  2. Hello, I hope this would be the right section. I'm currently using a plugin (BigBuy Module) that runs CronJobs and automatically create products from an external server. During the loading of the page, some products are loaded but some images go into 404 error and since they are server requests, they make the website slow. These requests can last even 1.6 minutes as shown on my screenshot. How can I prevent or stop a request that goes into 404? Thanks so much. I am attaching this console screen:
  3. Salve, Premetto che utilizzo un plugin (BigBuy Module) che esegue dei CronJobs ed inserisce i prodotti da un server esterno. Durante il caricamento della pagina, i prodotti vengono caricati ma alcune immagini vanno in errore 404 e visto che sono server requests, fanno rallentare il sito. Le requests arrivano a durare anche 1.6 minuti come si vede nello screen. Come posso impedire o fermare una request che va in 404? Grazie mille. Allego questo screen della console:
  4. Alright I have set the weight of name product at 10 and now the search bar is amazing. I think this is very helpful. Thank man! Last question, if my product have name "Gucci White" but I looking for "Gucci t-shirt" how this can appears anyway? Thanks again!
  5. I'm taking a look but this looks like only for meta tags for SEO. I would like product Tags, I think is different.
  6. Yes. Let me explain in detail: Now I have to put the tags manually inside a product so customers can find the product through the search bar. But, if I have a module or a custom code that allows me to do that automatically taking the title as a tag, that's will be amazing. Example: Product title: Apple AirPods 3 Generation Automatically generated tags: "Apple", "AirPods", "3", "Generation" I hope this will help
  7. Hi, I hope this forum section will be right. I would like to generate automatically product tags when I'm importing or creating new products. Doing that, I will improve my search bar results without manually add tags. How can I do that? using a modulo or a custom code? Many thanks!
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