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  1. Thanks for testing. So you set up two different taxes based on two different locations and the tax changed based on where it was being delivered? If so, why did they take that out in these latest versions???
  2. That should be a basic function for Prestashop but I am reading many others with this issue as well.
  3. I don't think I should have to code this. I have a current topic on this here: Basically, I want the default US states tax rule set to work based on where the products are being delivered to. I notice there is no option for this in Prestashop even though it has an option to tax based on delivery address which is very strange. Is there a module that does this?
  4. I saw that, what I am saying that the person's tax rate should be based on where the product is being delivered and not a specific tax on a product or carrier, understand? I buy a product + chose any carrier then at checkout if I want it delivered in Florida I pay 'x' tax and if I want it delivered in Maryland I pay 'y' tax.
  5. Thanks for your reply, but not sure I understand. The tax rules are already set up by default for the USA. I want that when the person checks out they are taxed based on the state they are delivering to. The carrier only offers an option to tax a specific state or no tax at all.
  6. Greets. I want the buyer to be taxed based on delivery address but the carrier option forces me to choose either no tax or a specific state??? Ref.
  7. Thanks for replying. I guess this option is not 1.4.11. I wonder if there is a manual workaround?
  8. Which version of PS are you using because I do not see that option under Preferences > General
  9. This is a definite bug that needs to be fixed. I installed a clean 1.4.11 and I have this error right off the bat.
  10. I'm noticing this to. Something is forcing one sized text.
  11. Vekia is definitely recommended - he was the only one to help me after days without support here. Thank you!
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