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  1. Works without the template, doesn't work with the template. Any ideas in which files I should start investigate?
  2. Mike, I did try the same shipping settings on another server running the newest version, and it worked! So it obviously seems as if the older version I originally tried it on carries a bug or two concerning the shipping settings. My question to you is, upgrading the current platform from to the newest version would probably render many "customizations" we did to the worthless. Could I upgrade just the shipping part and if yes, how do I do it and do you think it will work?
  3. Just tried the same function in the newest version of PS...and it worked as it should. I think the same settings are used...but if you know for certain that this function is the same in both versions..then of course it must be a human error from us...but I don't think so.
  4. Thanks for your reply Mike. Yes, I've tried this but unfortunately the shipping rates are still "hooked" to those of the originally selected country
  5. Hi guys. I'm getting this annoying problem when checking out as guest. When changing country, the one page check out WON'T update the shipping rate section, this means of course that the shipping rates shown are wrong. Any suggestions what to do to circumvent this issue? I'm on PS
  6. The Goal Getting the module to work with prestashop el pronto The Problem In cart, authorize module shows. However, when entering the test account information from Authorize.net into the in-test selected module, Prestashop decides to throw me back to the top of the cart. The Solution I hope you can provide it. Thanks in advance!
  7. There's a module for this, costs around $140 at the official module store for Prestashop. We made a custom solution, took like 20 minutes of coding.
  8. Vouchers are good, but some customers complain about codes that doesn't work, or they simply can't find where to enter the code. What I want to do is to assign special prices on certain products when the customers are logged into the shop. I've found some modules doing this, but the price of Prestashop modules crossing the €100 mark should be questioned, imho! Advices = Highly appreciated.
  9. I guess it depends of what you sell, right? Getting professional help is one solution we will consider, however, doing such large modifications could come with a risk. I don't understand why such basic logic options are not available? Well I'm still greatful for this free e-commerce software, nice work guys!
  10. Administrating all daily incoming orders takes a lot of time. Is it possible with PS, in one easy maneuver to print all orders for today (delivery slips)? It also takes a lot of time to select "shipped" for all of those orders, instead I would want the system to automatically switch the status from "in preparation" or "payment received" to "shipping" once all those delivery slips have been printed. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  11. Note that some anti-ad browser plugins automatically hides stuff called "advertising" and similar.
  12. Can we get it compatible with ? Please please please
  13. Prestashop contains a really good statistical area where most relevant informations about sales etc are presented, however, I need to extract 4 simple columns with data onto a blank paper in order to import it into excel. The columns I need to get out of Prestashop is: Customer name - Payment method - Date - Purchase amount $ This data should be generated from two pull-down menus (year and month). Any suggestions?
  14. Hello. Among many of the products displayed on my frontpage, some of them have different colors which needs to be choosen by the customer before clicking "add to cart" - if this button is clicked...it's a big chance that the wrong color of the choosen product is added to the cart since the customer is unable to choose for example colors on the frontpage.. ..do you guys understand my problem? I need some way around this..any idea is appreciated.
  15. Henrik om man vill få det lite mer som typ cdon eller gymgrossisten? Typ alltså att länken med klarna-info poppar upp eller så... tack
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