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  1. I added {l s='Place the order' d='Shop.Theme.Checkout'} in template: ...\prestashop\themes\classic\templates\checkout\_partials\steps\payment.tpl but it does not appear in translation panel in my 1.7.6 Prestashop admin. So how do I add a phrase to be able to translate it?
  2. Since I didn't find any appropriate hook to do this, is overriding Meta::getMetaTags() method only way to modify meta title?
  3. I want to get rid of some part of URI that I use for SEO purposes like this: myshop/remove-this/rest-of-uri --> myshop/rest-of-uri If I rewrite URL the original URI stays and is passed to dispatcher unless I do external redirect which is not what I want. The only way I found is to override DispatcherCore::setRequestUri() method, but overriding is not recommended by PrestaShop team. Can anyone suggest solution for PrestaShop version 1.7.6+ ?
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