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  1. Fresh news: a collegue of mine found a trick: in PS when you add a language package a folder inside /translations/cldr has been created, /translations/cldr/datas/main/LANG_ISO_CODE ( ex de-DE ) , with few jsons settings included "terrotories.json" that contains the countries translations; after copying this directory and all files to the same path in a PS installation, then firing "Language update" in translation tab, the countries translation have been updated with the correct language version; anyone can tell me if is a safe trick? thanks a lot 😊
  2. Hello to all, i'm quite new to Prestashop and i'm trying to learn all PS secrets to manage it at the maximum level 😊 Unofrtunately i've been through some issues that i cannot find actually a solution, one of them is: the countries translation. I tried in a fresh new install of PS to add languages packages ( few ones, installed in italian, then added english, german, french, spanish etc etc) , but when i try to purchase an item , in the Checkout process the countries list is always shown in English ( both cases if guest or logged-in); Is there any way to translate countries names without doing it manually one by one in the Localization Admin Panel? thanks a lot 😊 cheers Alessandro from Italy
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