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  1. Yes it's a picture of my cart I work with this addon : https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/creer-site-encheres/19985-encheres-pro-systeme-d-encheres-en-ligne.html As I have to place order with auction
  2. I order one item And I have two in my cart and also the fee
  3. Oh yes I forced new orders. Doesn't be a classic order I created it from the back office Is that an issue ?
  4. Yes I found the order log, but I can't see my new orders in there Here is the problem I guess
  5. Oh no sorry it doesn't work. The module doesn't apply the rule and I don't know why Do you have Discord ?
  6. Thank you ! Now it works ! But it disable the 20% VAT. My orders will be charged with 20% VAT PLUS a 14% fee Exemple : item = 100€ VAT inc Fee will be = 14€ VAT inc So 114€ VAT inc
  7. Hello ! Thank you for this module ! I already installed it I need the fee to be added automatically, that the customer does not have the choice of carrier (collection from my auction room) Is that possible? I don't see the 14% fee I configured appear on the invoice Prestashop
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