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  1. Type of process of registration in prestashop ?

    The order process was changed in 1.7 version. Default theme Classic, has only One Page Checkout. 5-step checkout is not available for default 1.7 theme. Maybe you find 1.7 theme which implements it, or rather some checkout module. In my opinion the default OPC in 1.7 is better then OPC in 1.6.
  2. Theme 1.7.1. na 1.6.1.X

    Dobrý den, bohužel to není možné, obě verze pracují se zcela jiným systémem šablonování. Někteří autoři šablon nabízejí kompatibilitu pro obě verze, ale to znamená že musejí šablonu kompletně překódovat na novou verzi a 1.7 verze je pak samostatný ZIP soubor.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to override blocklayered.php to add my own hook into center column. I did this sucesfully but there is this code in other hooks in blocklayered.php which cause that these hooks doesn't work in my theme (because my theme has no left or right column, it has center column only): if ((isset($this->context->controller->display_column_left) && !$this->context->controller->display_column_left) && (isset($this->context->controller->display_column_right) && !$this->context->controller->display_column_right)) return false; any idea how to eliminate only this part of code in override so it's not valid for these other hooks (hookProductListAssign, hookHeader etc.) Btw, I can't just copy all code in these hooks and remove this problematic part only, because private methods are used in these hooks.
  4. Hi, the link doesn't work becase it's "overlapped" by this element. <div class="product-hover-box"></div> If you will find it in tpl file and delete it, the link should work. From what I see, it shouldn't have any negative effect, but there may be better way of solving the issue (css tuning), the author of your theme would tell you better.
  5. I had the same issue. The problem was that index.php was missing in several folders in override directory. Compare the directory with original ZIP files and make sure that you have index.php in all subfolders.
  6. [Free 1.4.9 Theme] Blueray

    Thanks for notice. I disabled the section because 1.4 is really too old. But now I fixed the link for you. Please be aware this version of theme is compatible only with Prestashop 1.4.
  7. Xavier, comparing the rates in module with the link I sent before, I think there may be one error in rates: LU - Luxembourg (you have 15%, the link says it should be 17%)
  8. @Xavier - no problem, I understand. I quickly tested on with debug mode on and didn't find any issue. For me it works well - it created the same settings that I've already created for my 1.4.9 shop manually. So very usefull for people selling "general e-Services" products, like templates in my case. It can save some time with the setup. I also think that people selling some specific products can setup it on their own manually, according to this: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/tic/public/vatRates/vatratesSearch.html
  9. Hi Xavier, thank you for the module. It doesn't work on my (just in case you plan to support such old version too): https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwpmpvjuuxrk14v/Screenshot%202015-01-05%2010.27.08.png?dl=0 Notice: Undefined property: Eurovatgenerator::$context in ....\modules\eurovatgenerator\eurovatgenerator.php on line 74 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in ...\modules\eurovatgenerator\eurovatgenerator.php on line 7 Fatal error: Call to a member function assign() on a non-object in ....\modules\eurovatgenerator\eurovatgenerator.php on line 74 I hope to find time to test other versions too. On my 1.4.9, selling only digital products, I'm fine with setup of one VAT tax rule with different VAT rate profiles for each EU country (and I create invoices outside Prestashop).
  10. New Terms & Conditions, in English please

    Hi Samyha, yes, it's clear now, thank you for very much! Jiri
  11. New Terms & Conditions, in English please

    Hi Xavier, Thank you for the response! OK, I understand. The addons messaging is sufficient for most clients and situations. I also use screen recording and send links to video on dropbox if client needs to see anything. This client asked for it, because he prefers this way of support (skype, etc.), so I just wanted to be sure if I can or can't use it. OK, I will direct such clients to addons messaging, unless it's really neccessary to use some other tool. Can you please reply my older question too? : 2) If client ask for my services or custom modification, may I give him the email? At least I have to give him my PayPal ID to pay me after the job is done and this is actually email too. Again I'm speaking about client who already purchased the product and needs some extra changes, which are out of scope of common support (I do some small changes quite often for free, to satisfy the clients, but not bigger layout changes or new specific features). So I hope it's possible in such case, at least for the paypal payment? Thank you Jiri
  12. New Terms & Conditions, in English please

    Oh, thanks. I will try to contact Xavier.
  13. New Terms & Conditions, in English please

    Hello Benjamin, client who purchased the theme asks "Is it possible for you to communicate through skype or similar?" Can I give him such contact for support (after sale purposes)? Please let me know if it's possible. Thank you, Jiri
  14. Make sure to have proper module name in tpl files.
  15. [Seller Account] Technical Validation declined

    I know UTF-8 modifier, but it doesn't work in this case (my cloned module) - it displays raw html then. Same issue is in default homeslider module (in default theme located in \themes\default-bootstrap\modules\homeslider\homeslider.tpl). Changing <div class="homeslider-description">{$slide.description}</div> to <div class="homeslider-description">{$slide.description|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</div> cause displaying raw html in slide. strip_tags seems to be the right modifier in this case. You are right this is rather my issue to solve something like this, although it's in default slider too. But it's huge extra effort to "fix"/escape whole default THEME variables while creating new theme and keep this in all upgrades. I hope Prestashop can reconsider this and force this from developers only after fixing it in default theme.