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  1. Hello, We have reinstalled our Plesk-based VPS that meets Prestashops server requirements and installed a clean Prestashop, after which the product saving suddenly becomes very slow. Other things such as editing a customer or saving settings etc work fast as usual. I have got a green light to migrate to Prestashop, so I have installed a clean version in a staging environment, but the problem still exists in that version, as well as with the option to disable all non-prestashop modules. There are no server or debug errors. I am rather astonished because I expected it to be resolved after the migration to Prestashop Can someone please help me solve this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, PHP 7 is considerably faster than it's predecessors, but you shouldn't rely on that for speed alone.
  3. Hello and thank you for developing this module, We want to use your module in the future, but we're not ready for it yet, but Google has indexed it very quickly, how do I completely remove your module, caches and rewrites it has made? Thanks in advance!
  4. If you are on a VPS with SSH access, you can basically create a subdomain and configure your server to synchronize media folders from your Prestashop domain to the subdomain.
  5. I would like to know this as well, thank you.
  6. Hello tuk66, and thank you for your reply. It is quite a strange problem that also happened during our migration to the staging environment, so we had to change the order friendly URL to fix it, the same applies to our recent migration to, but it seems that some, but not all of our customers still see a 404 page in some cases. There are also no server errors in the log.
  7. Hello, We migrated our webshop from to a new installation of the same version, since then we received complaints from some customers who received a 404 during checkout, but our tests on a large number of devices show that the checkout works well, we do receive new orders. I suspect that this has something to do with old cookies, or with leftover caches, we tried to delete caches, rebuild theme files, and even completely disable the cache. There are no errors in our php error log. Can someone help us find a solution to this problem? Thank you in advance, we appreciate your help.
  8. Dear reader, I wonder how product line organization is done because I have a hard time achieving practical and stylish results by using categories and manufacturers. Thanks in advance!
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