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  1. Hi Mickael, Yes the problem is solved. Custom.css was loaded, but was cut due to a missing bracket in one of the CSS files of the module from my theme, which somehow also prevented the cache from being refreshed properly to our customers. Try emptying prestashop/var/cache/* and the cache folder inside your theme's directory manually.
  2. I solved both problems. The custom CSS was loaded, but got corrupted by a missing bracket in one of the style sheets of the custom module of the theme that we use. Strangely enough, this problem ensured that the style sheets at our customers were not refreshed after the cache was emptied.
  3. Hi El Patron, We use CCC and set the option to recompile templates if the files have been updated, but it doesn't seem to do that, neither does forcing compilation or deleting cache manually. Our custom.css file is not loaded when I enable Smarty Cache for CSS, so that option is not even enabled, but if it is disabled, our custom.css file is loaded. The debugging mode shows no errors and neither does our server log.
  4. Hello, We use Prestashop, changes made to CSS are not displayed to customers after clearing the cache and even manually clearing the cache in the var/cache folder. When our customers clear their browser cache or press CTRL + F5, the changes are visible. As you can imagine, customers will not understand this, we need customers to see changes immediately after clearing the cache. How do I do this? Please note that no server-side caches are enabled that cause this.
  5. I think I might have a buggy module, I've disabled some, but none of them seemed to resolve the problem until I restarted my VPS, so I either had a bad restart or there is something caching on my VPS. This led me to believe that the New Products Module is not the root cause of the problem.
  6. Thanks El Patron, The module worked fast, until I restarted my VPS ... it's very strange. Our Modez theme uses this module for courasel, so I also tried to delete the overrides, but that's not the problem either. This week is my deadline, so I'm really frustrated by this. ­čĄ»
  7. Hello, Suddenly the New Products block has become slow and it takes 13 seconds to load it. I tried to remove it and install a new one from the Catelog Module, but got the same results. Does anyone know what's going on and how can I resolve this? Thanks in advance! I've tried clearing all caches by the way.
  8. Hello, I'm using Prestashop and I've disabled all cacaches, but it still seems to cache something. When I enable Smarty CCC and delete all caches and even force compilation, most of the cache is not deleted. When I enable Smarty Cache for CSS, it seems to completely skip my custom.css file. Users are forced to clear the browser cache to see (a few) changes that have been made. This is a test environment, so unfortunately I cannot share data. It's a very strange problem, does someone knows what is going on and how I could fix this? Thank you kindly in a advance!
  9. Hello PCQUATRO, I follow the steps on this page the upgrade my MariaDB. I have noticed some minor differences, such as BO translations, between my current and test environment of Prestashop, so it may be that they have quietly made some changes.
  10. Upgrading the database seems to have corrected the problem.
  11. Our Sitemap module caused the problem, removing it solved the problem.
  12. Hello, When I try to disable a product via the products page, I get server error 500, the debug mode says: CRITICAL Uncaught Exception: Poperty CMS->meta_title is empty. I can't find a solution on Google, so I hope you might. We run a VPS with Prestashop and all server requirements. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello selectshop.at, and sorry for my late response, max_input_time = 600 max_input_vars = 10000 The database version is the standard that comes with Plesk Obsidian. I have upgraded my MariaDB to the latest 10.4.10, which works great, but the modules are still not visible in the catalog.
  14. Thank you PCQUATRO, and I'm sorry for my late response, I tried to install Prestashop and search for the modules in the catalog, but they just aren't there, I tried searching with different keywords.
  15. Hello PCQUATRO, I tried to install Prestashop using your zip file, but got the same results.
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