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  1. exactly ­čśë but still didn't solve my problem. that internal server error just proved my secondary domain is acting like alias and primary shop has all installation files. So question still is how to swap those shops around? must be some kind of migration of files within server provider and database modifications.
  2. I have turned the multistore off and I can't access the back office anymore;-) I get an 500 internal server error so I need to go to my web server and do the restore of the web. I think it happened because like I said previously all installation files are related to the main store domain;-(
  3. I guess I need to somehow setup the installation files at server provider or the database so the secondary store will become primary with all installation files. Is it correct?
  4. yeah I can reach with the domain of secondary store I want to be the main. But I don't know what happens if I turn the multistore off if only the main domain has actually the installation files.
  5. no. I have like main root with all installation files under the main store domain and secondary store is like just pointing to the main store. like alias with no files. And I want that second store to be the main one. hope its not too confusing..
  6. Thanks Bill I know what you mean and I did set store B as default but still the store A is my primary one. All installation is under store A so I think It requires some modifications in the database or something
  7. Hi. Can someone help me to set my second shop as a main shop? I want to leave my currently second shop alive and disable my main shop completely. cheers
  8. Hi. I have 2 stores at the moment running as multistore. Store A and Store B. Store A is my primary and B is secondary. How to swap it so domain with store B will be acting like primary and domain with store A will be secondary? there must be a way...please help
  9. mate I would love to do my homework but have no idea where or how to change the template grid. I searched on forum how to change the image size on tpl file but couldnt get any answers. When I change size of other image type like large_ default, it works ok. When I increase or decrease the size of home_default it does nothing. So probably I have to change the size in .tpl file but is it supposed to be product.tpl or shall I change it somewhere else? cheers
  10. maybe. if so, do you know how to change it?
  11. I'm trying to change the size of the product images on my home page. So I went to image settings and changed from default 250x250 to 600x600. I regenerated thumbnails. Images stayed the same 250x250 although in home_default image settings is new value 600x600. Im using classic theme and prestashop version Any help will be much appreciated
  12. Hi. Can someone help how to add additional store address ? If I go to Shop parameters - Contact - Contact details. There is only room for one address. If I want to add another store address to appear next to contact form. see address on attachment. below that one I want to display another one. thanks in advance
  13. well thats not very good news than. its useless to have nice and shinny eshop if google penalizes your for the way its built right? there is no way to improve overall performance? any trick would help
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