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  1. here is the new module to fix the issue 5d2ef3f1489cc.zip
  2. i will ask. they answered my ticket, but have been down with a migraine so just getting back to this.
  3. checked and rechecked all the stripe settings. apparently she had something else installed previously that worked, but i don't know what it was. followed the debug instructions. nothing came up. ran it in test mode, and live mode, and two different browsers. (firefox and chrome) guess i wait to hear back from the module developers, and try to find what she used to use. here is the page we keep getting referred to. it's what i was talking about when i first asked exactly what file to add the code to. we're stuck at step three. https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout/client thanks so much for your help! if you think of anything else, feel free to chime in
  4. this is what i find in the error log on cpanel file manager [14-Jul-2019 17:46:43 US/Eastern] The payment method type provided: bancontact is invalid. See https://stripe.com/docs/api/payment_intents/create#create_payment_intent-payment_method_types for the full list of supported payment method types. went through everything on chat with support from stripe yesterday, and bancontact is not enabled anywhere. we don't know where it's coming from.
  5. https://natalstarnecklaces.com/
  6. don't know anything about using debug mode. am just a visual layout designer.
  7. the browser console just says something about an alert box, but not what it contains
  8. prestashop version official stripe module 2.0.0
  9. the module is installed and enabled. the keys are added. running in stripe test mode. never make it to entering card details. there is an error (red alert box), but nothing to tell me what the problem is.
  10. that's what is installed. we can't get it to work.
  11. trying to help a friend get the stripe module working with prestashop. neither one of us are coders, but i work in joomla and wordpress so know a little about tweaking code. is there someone who can tell me exactly what file to add the checkout code to and where? am pretty familiar with cpanel file manager. thank you
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