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  1. There is, even when i change status to payment status it still doesnt send an attachment
  2. Prestashop 1.7 is failing to attach invoices and delivery slips on order confirmation email that is sent to the client though they are created during order creation. The attach invoice option has been enabled in the Awaiting Payment under order status settings. When the site is accessed first time in the browser it attach all the required files, but for the second transaction makes using that same browser and machine it doesnt attach.I have cleared the cache, disabled the cache the problem persist.
  3. hello. i am experiencing this on 1.7. whenever the shop runs out of stock an email will be sent to customers. how do i turn this off
  4. Ok. Sorry we have different timezones hence the delays in reponse.
  5. Let me try explain it more. So when a user add products to cart a cartID is assigned. e.g 86.. When another user adds to cart also he can be assigned 86. So this behavior i have observed it in the admin panel under shopping carts. Then if 1 of the 2 customers process the order it will go through.Then when the second one process an order it will fail because already that cart ID has been used with the previous order.Then it will write cart cannot be placed. In the database everything is Ok and it doesnt allow 2 orders to be submitted with the same ID. Like u said i suspect that its an issue with cookies. The picture attached are all the orders that failed, the status was non ordered after sometime the status turn to abandoned cart. Issue 2: The shop doesnt re-display cart on login.Rather when the user logs out it automatically treat the cart as abandoned cart.When next time when the user order it will issue a new cartID
  6. yes i did. But i still have mutliple Cart assigned to 1 cartId
  7. Hei.. I also have realized that the "re-display cart at login" doesn't work. So i was wondering if its maybe one of the contributing factor to the "Cart cannot be placed"error
  8. Ok. i will i just wanted guidance on where to go or to check.
  9. How do i check if overrides are enabled. the only screen i came across was under performance. so i screenshoted so that you can guide where to look to
  10. Is the information provided on the previous post sufficient enough to assist me?
  11. Rave is a payment module.The error still occurs when you pay with the Rave(flutterwave card payments) and Cash On Delivery. The carts are assigned same cart_id which then conflict when you convert cart to order. Unfortunately after "cart cannot be placed", that cart is deleted and the user is redirected back to the login page which means the user will have to re-order. At this stage they wont be any cart summary but only that error. And the unfortunate part is when it log the cart cannot be placed , the money will have been deducted from the customer with no cart to order conversion which will make it hard to trace the order that was being paid because the order does not exist
  12. PaymentModule class frontController
  13. It comes from the FrontInitcontroller and paymentmodule
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