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  1. Dear Milehigh, Actually I just found your answer to a previous post, and followed the instructions today, my problem is solved. Thank you for saving my day! I noticed in the subsequent cart preview page, after you click Checkout, the quantity box seems to be too small, and 3000 pieces will appear like 300, is there a way to increase its size? I haven't noticed the significant increase in processing time, maybe because I just made the change in less than 1 hour. Best, Felix
  2. Hi there, I noticed the maximum number for each order to be 999. Customer can't order anything above 1,000. This is a big problem for us, because we sell large quantity, e.g. 2,000 pieces of pens, 1,000 pieces of custom bags etc. Is there a way to increase the maximum number you can order to, e.g. 99,999? I'm using prestashop I'm also open to discussion of a paid module. Thanks! Best, Felix www.teabreaker.com
  3. Hi, I'm having the same problem. We sell promotional items, like pens, t-shirts, usb disks etc. The orders can easily go 1000 or above. Is there a quick fix to allow quantity more than 1,000 pieces? I'm using 1.4.3. Thanks! Felix www.teabreaker.com
  4. Dear Jeff, Thanks for the tips! Yes, you are right, for some reason images in current /prestashop/img/admin folder are not all from 1.4 versions. We copied the 1.4.2 admin images to the website, and the blue borders around icons are still there, and the layouts are still wrong. The front end looks all right. Is there any solutions to make the backend office layout right? Best, Felix
  5. Hi there, After upgrade from 1.3.2 to 1.4.2, our front shop works fine, but the back office looks weird. Icons now have a blue border around them, fonts seems to be weird and the layouts are not correct. Any help will be appreciated! Best, Felix
  6. Hi There, We are trying to display the "wholesale price" when the unit prices are shown. For example, for 50 pens, we'll show: Wholesale price is: $0.4 tax incl. Your price is: $0.5 tax incl. We managed to do so by changing the product tpl. {if $priceDisplay >= 0 && $priceDisplay <= 2} {if $product->wholesale_price != 0} {l s='Wholesale'} {l s=' : '}{convertPrice price=$product->wholesale_price}{l s=' tax excl.'} {/if} {l s='Your price :'} {convertPrice price=$productPrice} The result is fine until the client changes the currency, for example from euro to dollar. The value of the wholesale price DOESN'T change. It just changes from €0.4 to $0.4. Does anybody know how to solve this? Here is our website: www.teabreaker.com This is actually exactly the same as described here: www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/84519/development/solved_how_to_show_currency_sign_in_wholesale_price_in_prestashop Have a nice weekend! Best, Felix
  7. Thanks to the old posts about moving local sites to web servers, my problem is solved: 1. use phpMyAdmin, find ps_configuration table. 2. Click into it, and look for fields with these NAMEs: PS_SHOP_DOMAIN, PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL, change the values in both fields to www.yourdomain.com. Thanks! Felix Prestashop www.teabreaker.com
  8. Hi there, I tried the upgrade from my 1.3.2.x version to 1.4 final, but everytime I got into www.mydomain.com/install, I got the "This application requires your javascript to be activated" error, at the 1st step. How can I solve this problem? I checked my IE setting, and can't find where is wrong. So, I used the old 1.3.2 website on my local, plus WAMP2.0, and upgraded locally. It worked perfectly, no Javascript Activation error. And after upgrade, both front office and back officer worked perfectly on my local machine. Then I removed my old website on the justhost webserver, uploaded my local upgraded version, and create a new database via my local backup, and set the setting.inc.php. Now the problem happens: All the links are now "localhost/....", although I can still access the front page and back office login page. Here is my website: www.teabreaker.com So, my second question is, how can I update all "localhost/..." links to "/public_html/..."? Thanks! Best, Felix www.teabreaker.com
  9. Hi there, We are selling custom-built items, for example pens with customer's logo on it. Because there is a fixed cost for printing, the unit price for small orders is extremely high, and drops significantly (in a non-linear fashion). For example, here is a typical scenario: Frosty Pen with logo printing: 50 pieces: $2 each 200pieces: $1 each 1,000 pieces: $0.8 each 2,000 pieces: $0.6 each To make things worst, we are trying to offer an extremely low minimum order, because there are many customers just need 50 pens, for example. What other companies in my business do is to put $0.6 as the listed price, and a short list on the side, for 50, 200, 1,000 pieces. And here comes our problem: If we put $2 as the price, it will scare people away--It's an honest but not encouraging price, so when people are trying to order 1000 pieces, what they see is our 50 pieces price, and will think we are crazy. Very few people will have the patience to read the fine line about discounts. So, my question is: is there a way we can put $0.6 as the listed price, and when people put in 50 pieces, the actual price will automatically go UP, instead of DOWN? Here is our website in progress: www.teabreaker.com and your help is highly appreciated!! Thanks! Best, Felix [email protected]
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