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  1. Hi, sorry for late reply. Your Category.php file is from another PrestaShop version? And as for your problem, it turns out MySQL does not have a natural sort. You would have to make some sort of "function" in your query to make it happen. Another option is to make custom development to sort in php using php-s naturalsort, but this is more complicated. Maybe the option will be presented in some version of PrestaShop. For now, i'm afraid i can not help you further.
  2. Ah yes, this is my fault.. sorry. EDIT: I need to look into this, it seems like the query will be all messed up
  3. Do you have custom template mp3player.tpl? I think the best way to solve this is to return html from the hook function hookLibreecoute($params) { $this->context->smarty->assign(YOUR_VARIABLES); return $this->context->smarty->fetch(YOUR_TEMPLATE); } YOUR_VARIABLES = Whatever variables you use in your template YOUR_TEMPLATE = mp3player.tpl Then in your product template when you call the hook, you already return the HTML from mp3player.tpl
  4. Other overrides are not a problem. The problem is in your Category.php override file. if (!in_array($context->controller->controller_type, array('front', 'modulefront'))) $front = false; Copy this and replace it in your Category.php file. It seems like you have some weird character between function name and parenthesis. (...in_arrayHERE($context...) And FrontController.php override is not here: override/controllers/front/FrontController.php it needs to be here: override/classes/controller/FrontController.php
  5. Can you turn on Debug mode, and show us the error ?
  6. The "Online" Field does just that, but its functionality is weird. Taken from AdminCartsController.php if (Configuration::get('PS_GUEST_CHECKOUT_ENABLED')) { $this->fields_list['id_guest'] = array( 'title' => $this->trans('Online', array(), 'Admin.Global'), 'align' => 'text-center', 'type' => 'bool', 'havingFilter' => true, 'class' => 'fixed-width-xs', ); } It seems like this "Online" field only exists if you have Guest Checkout Enabled. The query to see if the cart is "Online" is as follows: LEFT JOIN ( SELECT `id_guest` FROM `' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'connections` WHERE TIME_TO_SEC(TIMEDIFF(\'' . pSQL(date('Y-m-d H:i:00', time())) . '\', `date_add`)) < 1800 LIMIT 1 ) AS co ON co.`id_guest` = a.`id_guest`' So if connections table guest date_add is less than 30 minutes then it is "Online" Testing this does not output the same results as this. Very confusing
  7. If you look at ps_shop_url table do you have your shop url there like this: or like this: Basically the domain has to be your shop "root" domain. Physical uri is the folder your shop lives in. EDIT: If you look at the URL settings from Back Office the "physical_uri" field is named as "Base URI"
  8. You could ask your hosting if they could enable it or look php modules/settings in your control panel
  9. You can create a info.php file in your web folder , copy paste the code i gave you and access it through URL yourshop.com/info.php Make sure to delete the file after you are done with it
  10. For reference the problem is in this function "idn_to_ascii" In Mail class method toPunycode ( classes/Mail.php:893 ) From php.net idn_to_ascii requires intl >= 1.0.2 You can verify if you have these requirements from phpinfo <?php phpinfo();
  11. Fast reply: Delete the picture or blur it, since it contains some user information and your shop address
  12. Look at this post: Turn on debug mode, then try to reply customer again.
  13. Try turning on the debug mode. If it still shows you 500 Error page, you have to look for server errors ( error_log ) If it displays some error and you do not understand what it means then Copy or take a picture of that error and show us.
  14. Could I have access there or you would rather not give it? And as for language pack. I went Localization -> Localization -> IMPORT A LOCALIZATION PACK, then changed my language to Italian.
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