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  1. We quit using Prestashop and moved to WooCommerce. We used Cart2Cart to migrate all the data and it's working beautifully with no more duplicate and triplicate PayPal orders.
  2. Just an update for anyone interested. After turning off the PayPal module yesterday and going back to Authorize.net we have had zero (0) duplicate or triplicate payments. I don't know what authorize.net is doing differently in their module but I wish the PayPal module developers we tried (all 4 of them) would learn how to code properly... Cheers!
  3. THAT my friend is a profound statement. 🙂
  4. Hey Ron, Thanks again for your help trying to help. 1) Not sure what modules could be safely disabled so no, I haven't tried that. 2) PHP: Not that I'm aware of. TLS 1.2, I don;t know. 3) No. If I could get it to fail then yes. But I haven't managed to duplicate the duplicate error. 4) Haven't tried that. Do you think it would make a difference? I thought the final checkout/validate process was the same.
  5. Hello haylau, Thanks for the detailed list of things to look at. Please see my responses embedded below: You say you are using - did the problem exist before the upgrade? *** We already had installed and working fine with Authorize.net when we switched to PayPal. (Our non-profit is 29 years old, not sure how long we’ve been using Prestashop but it’s been a looooong time…) Have you upgraded or installed any new modules? *** Not since trying to use PayPal no. Only the different PayPal modules trying to find one that worked. Did the issue start as soon as you installed the first Paypal module? *** Yes. Why have you tried so many paypal modules? *** We were trying to find a PayPal module that worked… *** We had assumed it was a Module issue and not a Prestashop issue as we’ve never had this problem when using a different Payment Processor. Have you checked for viruses etc on the server? *** Yes. Are the duplicate orders created from the same shopping cart? *** Yes. A random member renews their membership and sometimes it has 2 or 3 duplicates seconds apart. Oh, and sometimes it’s a webinar or other product, it’s not just the membership orders. Check the server files to see date / time stamps to see if anything else has changed (malware) *** Nothing that I can see. Have you created orders yourself with the same results *** No. We’re unable to duplicate in our tests. Looks to be random. Have you cleared all cached or better still turn them off for now *** Yes. Tried that first. Caching is turned back on now as it made no difference. I think it is a lot of troubleshooting in your system as it is unlikely to be a PayPal or Prestashop bug *** No idea… But it was never an issue with Authourize.net. URL for us to check ? *** Our store is here: https://secure.sdiworld.org/store/en/ *** But I just disabled the PayPal module and reenabled Authorize.net. We’ve been trying to get this working correctly for weeks. This forum was my last hope… *** We have our annual conference coming up and we can’t be triple charging people for it… They’re already pissed off for getting charged double for their membership fee… *** We also have some Spiritual Journeys priced at $5K and if Prestashop tells PayPal to charge them $15K instead (3x$5K) it’s a real killer for us… Any other payment modules installed? *** Not enabled while PayPal was enabled but Authorize.net was “installed” and disabled. Are you sure customers are not clicking more than once (perhaps because of slow page refresh) *** Never seen it happen in the last 10 years of using Authorize.net. *** Even now, they would have to click the purchase button two or three times within a second. The logs show these happening almost simultaneously. *** One set *** Another set Server cache? *** Smarty. Firewalls? *** Nothing changed… Disable overrides *** Disable Overrides was turned on. I turned it off to enable overrides and no change. Does the issue happen with Ban wire/ check modules *** We don’t use these payment methods. Is the problem with certain currencies or all? *** All. We had enabled USD, CAD & AUD. Currently, only USD is enabled as of a few minutes ago. Authorize.net can’t support multiple currencies so I switched them off. *** Since making the change back to Authorize.net a few minutes ago we’ve had a few orders and no duplicate transactions. But now we’ve lost the ability to accept non US currencies… We need a better solution... *** Historically, with Authorize.net, we only ever see one order in Prestashop for any given cart, never any duplicates. Cheers!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry I didn't say all I've tried so far... I read that thread already and it doesn't apply as we are seeing duplicate orders in both Prestshop AND PayPal. I also read this: Which didn't help either... I've tried all the suggestions in these 2 threads to no avail. The orders all have different order numbers so are all being processed as unique orders. Prestashop is sending out duplicate orders to PayPal for billing which PayPal then processes and bills. It's happening in four (4) different modules from four different vendors. So it looks to me like it's something in the Prestashop core and needs to be fixed. So frustrating...
  7. We switched payment processors to PayPal and have tried four (4) different PayPal modules. PayPalPay v1.3.9 built into Prestashop by PrestaShop partners PayPalStandard v2.0.18 by WebDevOverture PayPalPro v1.0.0 by Addons4Presta PayFlowPro v 1.0 by eGrove Systems All of them give us random double and triple orders that show up in both the Prestashop back office AND in PayPal. I've tried the modules as stand-alone and in various combinations, no change. All of the module developers say their modules are working as intended... We are having to issue scores of refunds for these double and triple payments and our members are pissed... We are using Prestashop No custom themes or modifications to the stock Prestashop install. PayPal say's it's not their problem as they process what they are sent from Prestashop. We "never" had this issue with Authorize.net but we needed to offer multiple foreign currencies so tried moving to PayPal. So far it's been a HORRIBLE experience. The orders show up within a second of each other so unlikely that's it's someone hitting the order button due to lag. ANY suggestions? RORY
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