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  1. Please Downgrade it not upgrade... to turn on Debbug mode manually please read this guide https://zemez.io/support/prestashop/how-to/prestashop-1-7-enable-debug-mode-display-errors/#:~:text=In your PrestaShop admin panel,Save the changes. Regards
  2. Please turn on Debug mode and post the error. Seems PHP 7.3 is not compatible with one of your module, also try to downgrade the PHP version and check. Best regards
  3. Hi, It is taking 3 seconds for add to cart pop up (which is almost normal) please disable all non native modules specially(Google or any other Analytics/ Mailchimp) and then give it a try. But again , this is the normal speed of the add to cart popup, you can check in other PS shops for satisfaction. Thanks
  4. Yes you can use translator , to add extra text with it if you want. 'This post should be considered solved now"
  5. Hi, it does not says that mail has been sent rather it says "If this email address has been registered with our store, you will receive a link to reset your password at [email protected]" The function which says that "there is no email registered" is for the security reasons , and yes it can be override with your choice but still please check again what exactly it says. I hope you will understand
  6. so i need to achieve this, Anyone?
  7. The value is already saved in database isnt it? we just need to create the function or something.
  8. Hi, Thanks for replying, i had noticed it and i know about it that it filter by Price, to clarify the confusion of my first message, I want to filter it by "highest discounts & Lowest discount". so the page will show products with highest amount of discount & vise versa. Hope you all getting my point. Regards
  9. Hi, there are default sort orders in PS 1.7 like > (new SortOrder('product', 'price', 'asc'))........ (new SortOrder('product', 'date_add', 'asc'))->setLabel( etc etc but what i want to know that is it possible to get SortOrder by Pricedrop? so that it will show product by asc or des DropPrice list, and obviously i will place it on PriceDrop page only. which should be like (new SortOrder('product', 'dropPrice', 'asc')) Thanks
  10. hi , this is 110% related to the theme conflicting the JS in it. you can ask the theme support to fix it, or you can installed default or new theme , or you can install a module "Magic zoom plus/or other product gallery thumbnails" which will override it. Regards
  11. Hi, This error is occurring because your template or one of your module are not compatible with PHP 7.4 , please try to downgrade the php version as per your prestashop version. try with 7.2 , 7.0 or 5.6 it will get fix. also a work around is you can disable the debug mode and the error wont show up. thanks
  12. hello @DataKick Please can you tell me how i can achieve "Change customer group based on amount (>$3000) spent in one year" Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, I am trying to automatically change customer based on amount ($3000) spent in one year. how i can achieve this, any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. Hello, Please downgrade to PHP 7.2 & then test with PHP 7.0 if the earlier does not fix it. Dont forget to clear the cache after changing it. Please also check cache on your server side if its enable. Regards Regards
  15. @everyone As i told you earlier , prestashop Native theme does not offer this feature. you have to buy a module for this or other themes provide this feature as well. My apologizes for this Regards
  16. this works but a minor change of $order rather then "order" if ($order->module != 'ps_wirepayment') {
  17. but what condition ? so that it should not send the email if bank transfer is the payment mode. not other payment methods
  18. the order confirmed emails are never in the status. please read my request again. Thanks
  19. Hi, When a customer orders with "Bank Wire" module, he receives 2 emails, "Order confirmation & Awaiting payment by bank transfer" so i want to disable the "Order confirmation" email for bank wire only. Please note that this email shall be sent with other payment methods. the method in below link remove this email entirety from all payment modules. so if anyone know {IF} statement to be wrote here so that when its "bank wire" method the email shall not sent. http://www.module-addon.com/2019/02/disable-order-confirmation-email-in.html Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, How can this form be achieved on customer login page in PS 1.7.6. side by side , rite now its just one login form & a link "No account - Create one" at the bottom. thanks in advance
  21. Hi, this adds the customer registration form along on login page, please can you tell me how "Create an account button" can be added on the left as same as in the screenshot above?
  22. "The learned is happy, nature to explore; The fool is happy, that he knows no more"
  23. Please look at my first message , i told u its permission issue. anyways its good u had fixed it
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