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  1. Hi All, i downloaded the module product question (send to own question) module. Please take a look at this link. http://indiesin.com/worldwide/modules/productquestion/productquestion-form.php?id_product=272 How come the back button (product link) is not working? Tried to edit the php file but still no solution. Attached the php file. This is the TPL file. {capture name=path}{l s='Send Questions' mod='productquestion'}{/capture} {include file=$tpl_dir./breadcrumb.tpl} <h2>{l s='Send Questions' mod='productquestion'}</h2> <p class="bold">{l s='Send question to the owner of the store, about this product below.' mod='productquestion'}.</p> {include file=$tpl_dir./errors.tpl} {if $confirm} <p class="success">{$confirm}</p> {else} <form method="post" action="{$request_uri}" class="std"> <fieldset> <h3>{l s='Send a question' mod='productquestion'}</h3> <p class="align_center"> <a href="{$productLink}"><img src="{$img_prod_dir}{$cover.id_image}-medium.jpg" alt="" title="{$cover.legend}" /></a><br/> <a href="{$productLink}">{$product->name}</a> </p> {if !$validate_login} <p> <label for="friend-name">{l s='Your name' mod='productquestion'}:</label> <input type="text" id="friend-name" name="name" style="width: 215px;" value="{if isset($smarty.post.name)}{$smarty.post.name|escape:'htmlall'|stripslashes}{/if}" /> </p> <p> <label for="friend-address">{l s='Your email' mod='productquestion'}:</label> <input type="text" id="friend-address" name="email" style="width: 215px;" value="{if isset($smarty.post.email)}{$smarty.post.email|escape:'htmlall'|stripslashes}{/if}" /> </p> {/if} <p> <label for="friend-address">{l s='Your message' mod='productquestion'}:</label> <textarea id="friend-address" name="message" rows="10" style="width: 215px;" />{if isset($smarty.post.message)}{$smarty.post.message|escape:'htmlall'|stripslashes}{/if}</textarea> </p> <p class="submit"> <input type="submit" name="submitQuestion" value="{l s='send' mod='productquestion'}" class="button" /> </p> </fieldset> </form> {/if} <ul class="footer_links"> <li><a href="{$productLink}" class="button_large">{l s='Back'}</a></li> </ul> Thanks! productquestion.php
  2. Hi all, My website is up and running and wanted to create a discount voucher code for my customer but was unable to do so. It comes up an error : An error occurred while creating object. discount Tried to search for answer but to no avail. Hope to get some help! Attached the image of the error. http://i42.tinypic.com/35k28tk.jpg i am using pretashop 1.4.3
  3. Hi all, i am almost done with the completion of my website but dang! this caught me off guard, and i have been at it for hours! When i click on ''add to cart'' for any products, the item does not add loaded into my cart instantly. Please see image. I will have to refresh manually my page. The link is http://theblackground.com/shop/product.php?id_product=83 click on add to cart, and you will understand me. Also, there seems to be a problem with my zoom button, and i think it's the same error to do with the add to cart? Thanks!
  4. Hi, any help for ps 1.4? Desperately need to find a way for this.
  5. Hi, have you managed to solve this problem? I am facing this as well. Have tried the above method from rocky but still the error.
  6. Hi all, i am quite noob to programming, and only know the very basic. I want to change the colour of the footer cms to white - but when i change at the global.css, it changes everything (currency and etc.) but i only want the font to be white on the footer cms. /* global style */ a { color: #5d717e; text-decoration: underline; outline: none I tried adding the colour code to #footer on global.css, even tried under blockcms.css etc but will not work. Please assist if you can! Thank you!
  7. Hi, how can i solve this in version 1.4.4? I am currently facing the same issue but my css code is different for as mentioned.. please help!
  8. the actual link is at http://theblackground.com/shop/category.php?id_category=6 thanks!
  9. Hi all, appreciate all the help i can get. I just removed the image of the subcategory successfully, but i am unable to move the position of the text. Attached the image of it's supposed to be like. Please take a look. I tried with using the code margin-top: -100px; but it wont work. Here's my category.css /* category.tpl */ body#category #subcategories li { height: 136px; width: 108px; margin-right: 3px } div.cat_desc { margin: 0 1em } body#category div#subcategories .inline_list a img { display: inline } #category img#categoryImage { margin-top: 1em; margin-left: -10.5em; }
  10. HI, i am using a prestashop version 1.4.2 I attached an image of the help i need. Hope it's clear enough. I replace the Cart.gif to an image i want to replace but the width is block, and i have no idea where to edit it in the css. Also, how can i place a grey box beside the image like in the picture? And to move the My account, all i have to do is arrange with the padding? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, Im pretty new to coding. How do i add a block header image/colour on the top? The block image/colour has to have the login/account inside at the right. Something like this.. http://www.magavenue.com/blog/ Thanks!
  12. I clear my cache regularly, and scale my catalog photos to a smaller scale. But my website is still loading slow. What are some of the easy ways to increase my website speed? Thanks!
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