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  1. lol, it was user error. Combinations wernt updated to reflect new price. Jeez. Thanks for helping.
  2. I do have a tax rule, but I even tried telling it to not use the tax rule. Example situation: Base Price: $394 Final Price: $394 I updated the base price to $410, the final price also shows $410 on the back end, but on the front end it shows $394. Also when viewing the "Products in this category", the base price shows correct in the list, but not the final price. But when you actually click on the product, and edit the product, the final price shows correct here which I believe is due to javascript showing the update on the back end for final price.
  3. And I went ahead and made ir force recompile, still the same. Updating base but not final
  4. What I figured out is its updating the base price, but not the final price
  5. I have an issue with my site not updating the prices on the front end after they are changed on the back end. At first they wouldnt show changed in the back end either but when I checked the database they were in fact changed. I turned to the performace settings and disabled cacheing and now the back end updates, but not the front end. How can I make it change on the front end the moment I make a change from the back end? Thank you very much in advance!
  6. Hi, I have a new install of 1.3.3 and when an order is placed. The emails go out and in the email, the product is listed with the selected attributes. But, when you login to the admin panel and click orders and then click the actual order, it is missing the products. The amount of sale is there and also it wont allow you any options to update the status of the order. You can add comments, but thats about it. I searched google and see that others are having this problem as well, but no solution. Any ideas? I have attached a full page screen shot as pdf. Any help would be appreciated. error.pdf
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