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  1. Hi Vividusdesigns, thank you to your kindness on the solution, do you mind to explain a little bit on the step? 1. How to Create Admin controller? 2. How to link tab to controller? 3. How to add redirect to configure page? Thank you in advance.
  2. 登录你的网页后台,然后在 Preference -》maintenance -》Enable Shop 选择 Yes,就可以。
  3. 嗨 Kim,提示一下,想让其他前辈帮忙,首先提供基本参数,让大家了解更多才好帮忙解决: presta 版本(不同版本系统差异性蛮大,比如1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7) 使用什么主题插件?(Theme)还是默认 theme 等等 你的网站网址,方便其他人了解问题。 如果关于到设置的,请准备好一个 logid 给愿意帮助你的前辈方便 login。 如果关于到coding,请准备好一个 ftp 的 login,然后只提供给愿意帮助你的前辈,时候记得disable。 提供越完整的基本资讯,大家才有办法有初步了解,方便推演问题及解决方法。 以上为个人建议。
  4. 打开安装包里面的文件,位置 package/install/data/db_structure.sql 找到 create table 'prefix_cart_product',把 'PRIMARY KEY' 换成 'UNIQUE',save 保存。 再重新安装一次。
  5. This module is very useful and friendly design, thank you to your great effort and kindness!
  6. You may check with your cpanel hosting service provide to help you to recover from most recent backup (better if got daily backup).
  7. Hi all, Good day to all of you, I'm using version and having some problem in the stats tab. The product details statistic can only display in "all" category but empty when category is selected. Any idea to fix this problem?
  8. Hi Daresh, Good day to you, any finding so far about the 2 picture of problem I post here after your replied? Thank you.
  9. Here is correct, but the cart above is different and wrong.
  10. Thank you to your prompt respond, please kindly refer to the sample picture attached.
  11. Hi Daresh, Thank you very much to your kindness to gave us your effort to handle this Free Shipping module. But some bugs was found: I found the problem in blockcart.tpl when customer adding discount voucher, the balance is show + instead of minus. Example: Free Shipping when $200 or above. Added product A = $26.00 Blockcart show: Spend another $174.00 to get free shipping for your order! (This show correct) But: When customer add in discount voucher -$5.00 Blockcart should show: Spend another $179.00 to get free shipping for your order! But now Blockcart show: Spend another $169.00 to get free shipping for your order! (Which is wrong, should be -$5.00 but now become +$5.00) Any idea how to fix this? Thank you and looking forward your kind reply.
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