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  1. Hi Mette, The design is great and for me it looks like very well optimized. One thing I'd add is on checkout page to remove the menu so the users can remain focused on filling the form. About conversion rate optimization, I can help you with our services from www.vibetrace.com: - collect email address, or show message on the intent of exit; - send lifecycle emails, based on customer behaviour. - send personalized emails with products for each user. - give vouchers to Do you do this kind of things onsite? Want to try some? I also built a prestashop module, which helps with all the integration so you don't need to do anything. If you are interested, just send me a PM or email us at hello vibetrace com
  2. I'm looking to insert products with discount into Prestashop 1.6. How would I add a discount to the price?
  3. probably you're doing edit on updating the resource. First get the specific price rule for that product, and update it accordingly with existing id.
  4. you net to set quantities inside stock_availables for each combination of the product. The quantity in combination item it's used for something else, Idk.
  5. you need to do it on stock_availables. There are references for each combination of the product, and you need to set the quantity there. I have the same issue, and I don't know why these are not in sync, as they should be.
  6. function getProductByReference($ref){ global $webService; $opt['resource'] = 'products'; $opt['filter']['reference'] = $ref; $xml = $webService->get($opt); $x = ($xml->products[0]->product->attributes()); $ProductId = $x['id']; return $ProductId; }
  7. can you share the upload code? The script creating and sending the xml to the API?
  8. I have the same problem here. Did you figure it out?
  9. Great to know that. Is there a way to make it work (same variable name) regardless payments modules?
  10. Hello, I'm trying to print products from the order on the order-confirmation page. I've put this code and doesn't print anything. On Prestashop 1.4 it worked. <script> items = [ {foreach from=$products item=item name=vtitems}{literal}{id:’{/literal}{$item.id_product}{literal}’, quantity: {/literal}{$item.quantity}{literal[spam-filter] {/literal}{if !$smarty.foreach.vtitems.last},{/if}{/foreach} ]; </script> Thank you!
  11. If you are looking for a free google universal analytics module, I attached one to this post. uanalytics.zip
  12. Hello, I'm facing similar issue to read the cookie from the .js file. Can you post a sample code how you managed to read the cookie from the javascript file?
  13. I'm trying to call an external URL when users adds an item in the shopping cart. It should work if it's ajax powered cart or classic. The only way I found is to modify controller/front/CartController.php and do a curl request. Is it possible to catch it as an event in javascript?
  14. I'm getting the same error on 1.4.9. Did you find any solution?
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