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  1. How to remove BO module update notifications in PrestaShop v1.7.7.8 and v1.7.8.1?
  2. Can anyone advise me how not to display a module update notification? Display "Configure" instead of "Upgrade". PrestaShop v1.7.7.8.
  3. Hi, in default checkout your module works fine. However I use an one page checkout solution (module), which is not compatible with your module (there is no VAT ID check before sending the order). Is there any solution for one page checkout? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, thank you for your reply. I would not like to provide you login details. The same problem have been discussed above on this forum. Could you please give me a tutorial about how to solve this problem? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, I have a problem with module settings in the back-office. When I switch between two tabs "SETTINGS" and "VIDEO LIST", than an alert is displayed. Could anyone help me, please? I use PrestaShop Thank you in advance.
  6. Thanks, maybe I can fine-tune it.
  7. Screenshot in attachment. Write your review error.pdf
  8. Thanks for editing the file, but it doesn't work. After updating the file, the product web page crashes. A white page with the words "Write your review" will appear.
  9. You can edit the productcomments.php file? Thank you. productcomments.php
  10. On which line am I supposed to add that code?
  11. Where exactly should I insert the code? public function hookDisplayProductExtraContent($params) { $array = array(); $array[] = (new PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Product\ProductExtraContent()) ->setTitle('tittle') ->setContent('content'); return $array; }
  12. On the picture above is only the demo version of PrestaShop front office. My eshop is fully online a few months and now I need to fix this problem. The module "Product Comments" by PrestaShop does not work properly because comments are visible at the end of product page. Comments should be visible together with a describtion and product details tabs.
  13. Thank you very much for your answer. My eshop is online and I need to solve only this problem. I have not found any suitable solution yet.
  14. Can anyone advise me how to move the "Comments" tab between other tabs on the product page?
  15. Thank you for your advice. I looked at the module and I have a few more unanswered questions. 1. Is this module "Multi shipping Prestashop 1.7 delivery" suitable for PrestaShop 2. Is really necessary to enable PrestaShop overrides in the PrestaShop performance settings? Now this function must be disabled in my PrestaShop. 3. Can I set a carrier for an individual supplier in the module mentioned above? There are more than 1000 products in my eshop and I don't want to edited each of those product because of supplier. 4. Is the module mentioned above compatible with an one-page checkout? Thank you in advance for your answers and have a nice day.
  16. Hi, I would need a help with the issue of "Cart and Order Split". I started selling 2 product categories (category A and category B). There is a different method of delivery for each product category (products from the first category [A] are delivered by me, products from the second category [B] are delivered to customers by my contractual partner [dropshipping]). If the customer adds product A and product B to the cart, then my eshop does not allow a customer to select separate shipping for each product category. Can you advise me on what changes need to be made so that the customer can choose a separate carrier for each product category in one shopping cart? Thank you in advance for your answer.
  17. Zdravím, potreboval by som pomoc s „Rozdelením nákupných košíkov a objednávok“. V e-shope som začal predávať 2 kategórie výrobkov (kategória A a kategória B). Pre každú kategóriu výrobkov existuje iný spôsob doručenia (výrobky z prvej kategórie [A] dodávam ja, výrobky z druhej kategórie [B] dodáva zákazníkom zmluvný partner, čiže používam [dropshipping]). Pokiaľ zákazník pridá do košíka produkt A a produkt B, potom e-shop neumožňuje zákazníkom zvoliť si samostatnú prepravu pre každú kategóriu produktu. Môže mi niekto poradiť, aké zmeny je potrebné vykonať, aby si zákazník mohol zvoliť pre každú kategóriu výrobkov samostatného prepravcu v jednom nákupnom košíku? Vopred ďakujem za akúkoľvek pomoc.
  18. Hi I need your help, I do not know if you have seen that in some orders, a section called "Sources" appears, usually appears last. There is usually shown where a customer comes from when buying products from the store. I updated PrestaShop v1.7.6.1. to the latest v1.7.7.1. and since then I no longer see "Sources" in any order. Can anyone advise me how to solve this problem?
  19. Unfortunately, I couldn't edit it according to your tutorial.
  20. Ahojte potrebujem vašu pomoc, neviem, či ste videli, že pri niektorých objednávkach sa zobrazuje sekcia s názvom „Zdroje“, zvyčajne sa zobrazuje ako posledná. Zobrazuje sa odkiaľ zákazník pochádza, keď kupuje produkty v obchode. Aktualizoval som PrestaShop v1.7.6.1. na najnovšiu v1.7.7.1. a odvtedy sa mi to už nezobrazuje pri žiadnej objednávke. Vie mi niekto poradiť ako vyriešiť tento problém?
  21. Yes, I mean the editor font size. Where can I find the particular file CSS, which I could edit it?
  22. It is possible to change predefined "Font Sizes", e.g. at: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 20, 25, 30?
  23. I removed the module from FTP and also from the database. Then I reinstalled it and it works fine now.
  24. After updating the PS from to, it is not possible to reset or uninstall the payment module in the Module Manager. Could you anyone help me with this problem? Thank you in advance.
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