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  1. Hello! I've got a problem with Prestashop version When you click on product and get redirected to product page all modals are opening automatically at once (Gallery modal, and prestashop comment module modals). This happens only the first time when going to the product page. When you go back to the home page and then go to the product page again, modals don't open automatically anymore. When you delete cookie files the bug appears again. In the attachments there is a gif where you can see how it looks like. I can't find the root cause and i need a little help.
  2. Hello! I want to change translation of a label for an input field in the checkout section (the part where client gives the address). I was expecting it to be in the theme translations but it isn't there. I've searched for a checkout module translations but there is no module like that. Would be greatful if someone would guide me as to where I can find it.
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