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  1. You can change the behaviour of each order status by logging in to your admin panel (Back Office), going to "Orders > Statuses", selecting the status you would like to edit and tick the options according to how you would like that status to behave (the options available are slightly different in versions 1.4 & 1.5 but you can still basically do the same thing in either version) I hope this made sense and help you with your problem! - Nick
  2. I believe the "Meta title" will act as the name of the new page! - Nick
  3. Hi, I hope that this is in the right forum category. I was wondering if there is a way that I can put links on header of my pages which visitors can click on, which will change the theme of the website to the theme associated with that link? Thank you in advance! - Nick
  4. Check out this post for "Offline Credit Card Payment" module. http://www.prestasho...t%20card__st__0 Also the following if you would like a free module http://www.techietips.net/prestashop-offline-credit-card-payment-module.html#Download_it
  5. Hi, I would like to use Prestashop for an online shop i am creating that will sell clothing. Most of the clothing will be sold in the normal manner that Prestashop handles orders, but i would like to have a range that is "Made to Order", so when they click on add to cart it will just send there contact details to me and take them to a page that will say that I will contact them to complete the order. is there a way i can do this? Thank you!
  6. Do you have any ideas on who could do this? and how much it would cost i am on a very tight budget =[
  7. Thank you! is there a way i can make it possible for me to put a link in the back office that my employees can click and it will do this editing automatically?
  8. Hi, I have tried searching and i could not find a solution. I was wondering if it is possible to reset a customers download limit? e.g. a customer has issues downloading a product and uses all his tries can I reset just that customers downloads so he/she can try again? I hope that made sense, thank you in advance! - Nick
  9. When i installed presta the install manual says to set the permisions for the /module folder to 777 to fix the problem with this module i set them to 755. i was getting an internal error page when clicking on the make payment with credit card link. this is the error from my error log on cpanel: SoftException in Application.cpp:601: Directory “/home/myacount/public_html/RUBY/prestashop/modules” is writeable by group
  10. Hello again i think i have fixed the problem i found another post about this error that i must of overlooked. but to fix it i needed to change the write permissions from 777 to 755 isn't it a part of the installation to have the permissions set to 777 will changing them to fix this cause issues somewhere else?
  11. Hey, i have just installed this module and i am having the same problem. i checked my error log on cpanel and this is the error i got: SoftException in Application.cpp:601: Directory "/home/myacount/public_html/RUBY/prestashop/modules" is writeable by group someone please help! thank you!
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